In our eternal quest for finding ‘the one’, it’s only obvious that we’ll be disappointed. After all, when Tinder enters the picture, the game of love and relationships is bound to change!


Are you not sure if the man you’re dating is really into you? In a relationship and not sure if all is well indeed? Here are 25 sure-shot signs to figure out if the man you’re with is into you or not!

1. No man will address the woman he loves as ‘bro’. Never, ever!

2. If it’s always just the two of you, something is certainly not right!

3. He didn’t show up for your maiden dance performance? Time to move on and pronto!

4. The day your messages start getting ignored, know that it’s not heading anywhere.

5. It’s okay to do it once. But if it’s a habit, you should know you’re not a priority!

6. You’re forever worried about how you look but he just doesn’t care? Shabby-chic never makes a relationship work!

7. He has an agenda and it begins and ends in the sack!

8. But he’s more than happy to come to your place? He ain’t that into you!

9. It’s clear he doesn’t think highly of you. 

10. Two words – Booty Call!

11. Since he’s so busy meeting multiple women, it’s tough to remember everyone’s last name, right?

12. If he was serious about you, he’d show it to the world!

13. A little jealousy shows he’s possessive!

14. A man with a roving eye can never be ‘the one’ for anyone!

15. There’s absolutely no justification for this. He doesn’t care about your self-respect & you shouldn’t think twice before dumping him!

16. He’s long moved on and it’s high time you did too!

17. Can’t figure out whether he’s into you or not? If he was, he would’ve made it clear!

18. He’s selfish and doesn’t care about you or your pleasure. Fuck him, not!

19. If he isn’t making enough efforts, he just isn’t worth it!

20. Need more reasons?

21. “It’s for a friend“, he said? This is ALWAYS a warning sign!

22. And it’s time you got busy with someone else.

23. He’s certainly got some photos/chats/messages he wouldn’t want you to see!

24. Ex-talk is an important step in any relationship. If he’s not up for it, chances are, he’s not up for you either!

25. He wouldn’t want his ‘prospects’ to know he’s committed. #FuckBoyAlert 

This Valentine’s Day, get over him!

Designs: Aakansha Pushp