Does true love exist? In the age of social media, it’s hard to tell. From the comfort of our phones, we mask our insecurities and hope that someone will accept us when we finally reveal them.

Here is one couple, though, for whom love did not hide behind any screens. Any insecurity, any disability–if it should be called that–was just life’s small part. 

Sundeep and Paulomi are one such special couple whose story gave us hope, to hope. This story came to light through Humans of Bombay.


Sundeep and Paulami met through mutual friends from college. Sundeep knew about Paulami’s arm but it was a non-issue from the beginning.

I knew she’d somehow lost her hand, but I didn’t think it mattered enough to ask her   

Their love simmered slowly, starting out as beautiful friendship.

We spent a lot of time together and we both developed a habit of not going to bed without a phone call… even if it was just to ask if the other had reached home.  

Over time, it turned into something magical you only read about in books.

I’ve seen her at her most vulnerable — without her prosthetics, with all her scars that she used to try and hide and I still believe she’s the most complete and put together person I’ve met.

Sundeep’s affection and commitment to Paulami turned us into mush.

I always thought, this girl deserves the world’ and it was my privilege to do my little bit in helping her get there.Even if we weren’t sitting next to each other at a restaurant, I always asked the waiter to serve me her food first, so I could cut up the pieces she would have struggled with.

His belief in her soared our spirits.

The universe may have taken her arm, but I’ve seen her wings…and I can’t wait to watch her fly.

It showed us true love is wise and kind.

The way I see it — we all have our missing pieces. For some of us it’s emotional, while for others it’s physical. The whole point is to find the person that fills up the pieces and she makes me whole.

Paulomi and Sundeep’s story resonated with a lot of people and their reactions are just as priceless and beautiful.

Move over unbelievable characters from fairy tales, this is a story I’ll be reading to my kids.

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