Living with your partner is different than living with them during quarantine. You get to observe those little details you would have missed otherwise. You get to argue more, fight more, love more and have more fun.

Two artists who go by the name of Kippo, illustrate these everyday situations for couples and it’s way too relatable.

1. True story.

2. Because neend toh apne blanket mein hi aati hai.

3. All of it makes sense now.

4. Just like love is magical.

5. Having a partner who makes you feel like this is bliss.

6. The joy of eating your partner’s share is inexplicable.

7. The only thing better than coffee is more coffee.

8. The accuracy though.

9. The never-ending short girl struggles.

10. Maroon, red, pink, sab alag alag hote hai kya?

11. Because ‘anything’ never means ‘actually anything’. It means ‘something’ and you’ve to got to figure that out.

12. This is what happens when you get that comfy spot.

The relatability factor is infinite.

All images sourced from Boredpanda.

Original source: Instagram.