You might think that you’re slaying it with your sarcastic quips but nobody can top your parents at the game. They have their own personal brand of sarcasm and we have all been victims of it pretty often. Here are 14 popular-among-our-parents sarcastic statements we all have heard at some point in our lives. 

Chances don’t look good.

Always dread this bit when we get home late.

Look sorry for a minute and carry on.

Not sure if they mean it.

We mostly never listen until the fifth time.

This is where Tupperware comes handy.

After you forgot to flush one time.

After hitting one speed-breaker without braking.

Heard in every household at least once.

Just because we play cricket on the PS.

Staring at your shoes for a solid half an hour.

Just try being spotted lazing around after this one.

But it’s okay when they’re streaming puppy videos.

Said every parent always.

You have to give them points for originality. 

Design Credit: Rohit Jakhu