If you are an introvert, you know it takes a little more effort for you to socialise or initiate a conversation. While people are quick to judge you for being quiet and mysterious, it’s not always the whole truth. 

Meanwhile, introverts on Reddit have come together to share how they met the love of their lives. And we are already gushing at these stories!

1. “We are both introverts and were a grade apart from each other in high school and did a project together for one of our classes. Six-ish years later we were in our 20s and she saw me at the bar alone(waiting for a friend) and sent me a drink. Moved down to the seat next to her, got her number, and went on our first date the next weekend.”


2. “Well I met my significant other through Instagram originally because I was too chicken to talk to them in person so we messaged each other on Instagram for a while and now we have been happily dating for 1 and half years.”


3. “Pure luck. 10 years ago, in 8th-grade math class, he sat behind me. We started dating a month after we met, and just got married a little over a year ago.”


4. “She was working at a cookie stand in the mall. I would go there on my work breaks to get a drink and a snack just so that I could talk to her. One day she finds where I am working and asks me out on a date. She also asked me to marry her a few years later, and we have been married for 17 years now.”


5. “Blind luck. I was walking to the supermarket, 15 years old. Some girl is across the street from me and she decides to cross over to me and strike up a conversation. Now we’ve been married for 14 years.”


6. “We met at work. The first time I saw him I thought “wow! This guy is way out of my league”, he was so handsome and likable and so many girls were into him so I thought what’s the point in even trying? He would come to talk to me when he could, a little bit later I stopped working there so he found me on social media. We ended up talking and then meeting up (I thought he was just being friendly and inviting other people). Turns out he was into me too but oblivious I didn’t know until he tried to kiss me. Well, now we’re married and have a kid together.”


7. “A good friend of mine introduced her to me, we talked, and then she unexpectedly texted me to tell me we all should go out and have a drink or talk. That was the first time a girl had started a friendly conversation with me. I started to fall in love with her and eventually, I confessed and she said she also liked me. We’re 4 years old as a couple in May.”


8. “Over the internet! We talked online and got to know each other before meeting in real life. It’s weird to think that I probably would have never even talked to him in the first place if we had met randomly at a bar or something.”


9. “Dating site. We are both introverts and have been together for almost 3 years and live together. These have been the best years of my life I think. It helps when we share similar interests and views, but have enough differences to keep it unique and fresh.”


10. “By faking being an extrovert. I did it for years but now I can finally rest.”


11. “Technically we met working together at a fast food place in high school, but the relationship didn’t start until years later when we were roommates in a 2 bedroom apartment. Home Field advantage is great for an introvert to score!”


12. “At a train station. She approached me despite being even more introverted than I am and wanted to be friends. After 7 years of friendship and a lot of convincing from my side we got together.”


13. “I’m an introvert but I love live music. Went to a live music concert by myself and a local venue and met my SO there.”


14. “We met in the university library. There was lots of smiling and blushing from both of us before we ever actually spoke more than 3 words to each other.”


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