It’s an often-asked question, one that still hasn’t found a befitting reply. 

What is it that makes a relationship work? 

Love, is it? More than love, it is the friendship between two people. 


Friendship is the bond that ties two lovers together. 

You may love your significant other with all your heart and soul but what’s the guarantee that one day that love won’t fall short? That one morning you won’t wake up, feeling totally out of love for that person? 

Because love is supposed to be all encompassing, holier than thou, greater than everything else. We’ve painted such a grand image of love that more often than not, love in the times of regular life ends up disappointing us. 

What can save a great love story from falling apart is if the two lovers also happen to bond as fabulous friends!


When you’re friends with someone, you’re open to accepting their flaws and imperfections. 

You don’t expect your friends to be absolutely pitch-perfect, do you? You know they’re human, never immune to faults and errors. And yet, you like them. You like them for who they are. 

And most importantly, you don’t want your friends to change. But is that the case with your partners? Not really! 


Thanks to movies and books, an ideal lover is one who’s beyond perfect, adept at pretty much everything in the world. 

We’ve all grown up picturing the perfect happy couple as one with a deep understanding and unflinching maturity levels. You know, the sorts who’re totally in sync with each other, never a dull day in paradise. 

Unfortunately, real-life isn’t too fond of bookish love stories and more often than not, we find ourselves sitting with dissapointment, unsure of the direction our relationship is headed. 

If only our partners were also our closest friends, we’d see them as human beings first and dreamy, romance-induced lovers later. 


The person you’re dating is meant to be more than just your significant other.

A partner is a lover, friend, confidante, support system and multiple other things, all rolled into one. The one you can go to for anything and everything. The one who’s your best friend!

Unfortunately, most of us are so busy being the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend in relationships, we forget to become our partner’s closest friend.