When it comes to relationships, every one will urge you to go big!

Buy her a big rock, take her off for a 5-star holiday. Get him that expensive watch he’s been eyeing, fly him off to watch Barcelona live in action. Travel across countries and continents to be with each other, rebel against families and society alike. Do all those things you’ve only read about in books and seen in TV shows. 

Romance is best served grand and overtly luxurious, right? Thankfully, love and romance don’t always have to be 24 carat to be amazing. 

When you’re in a relationship, yes, it matters just how much prep you’re willing to put in for your significant other’s birthday, your anniversary etc, etc. It also matters where you holiday, how often you dine and wine in style. 

But a relationship isn’t just about the lavishness of love, right? It’s also about the small, everyday moments that actually make it. 

Here are 14 beautiful gestures we all need to make for our partners because true love actually lies in doing the smaller things instead.

1. Take photos of each other but not for social media.

Keep them in your phone, to look at them when you’re not together. The world doesn’t have to see them; they’re just meant for the two of you! 


2. Put away your phone when talking to your partner.

Apart from being rude, it also shows that you’re insensitive and don’t care what you’re partner is saying. Listening patiently is an art, one that every one needs to learn. 


3. Take an actual interest in their work.

When you’re in a relationship, your career isn’t the only one that counts. Hear out their work woes, share their happiness on being promoted. 

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4. Write them small notes of love. 

These notes don’t have to say anything important. They don’t even have to be too long. Short messages written by your hands that say how much you love and value them!


5. Cook up a surprise meal.

Wouldn’t you love to come back home from work, only to find your favourite food cooked by your lover? Once in a while, everyone deserves to be surprised!


6. Snuggle and cuddle even without the possibility of sex.

Sitting on a couch, watching a movie together. Lying in bed, reading. Cuddling doesn’t always have to happen before or after sex. 


7. Talk about your day, no matter how mundane it was.

It isn’t about what the conversation is. Rather, it is about having a conversation. Telling them that they’re a part of your daily life. A part of all the small things, good and bad, that happen in your day. 


8. Go for a date-night even if you’re no longer just ‘dating’.

Make a reservation at a nice restaurant. Dress to the dime, order some wine. Relive those initial days. It aids the chemistry, builds up excitement. It keeps the sparks alive!


9. Give ’em a foot-rub without wanting one in return.

It’s the best thing in the world, right? And it’s even better when it comes without any expectation whatsoever. Btw, it’s great for foreplay too!


10. Send some flowers to their workplace.

Nothing says ‘You’re special!’ better than a gorgeous bouquet wrapped in a lovely surprise. Nothing. Absolutely nothing!


11. Go for a couple’s massage.

Who doesn’t need a good massage? And it’s even better when you’re both getting one, in the same room, at the same time. 


12. Invite their friends over for an impromptu evening.

It’s common to sometimes get too caught up in a relationship and lose touch with friends. Surprise your lover by calling their friends over and use it is as an opportunity to get to know them better yourself.  


13. Make a playlist of the songs you’d dedicate to them.

Even though we’re way past the CD and cassette years, there’s still Spotify, right? Choose the tracks that remind you of them and send along your special playlist. It’s so, so romantic! 


14. Indulge in a new activity together.

This could be anything from attending a Yoga class to learning pottery. You’ll end up spending time together and yet, do something totally different. 


Sometimes, little things go a long, long way!