Building a loving long-term relationship takes time and a lot of effort. You might seem to be weary after a while, but that’s a part of building a relationship that works. If you’re thinking the initial butterfly-in-the-stomach and fireworks-all-along feelings are flying away, then here are a few lessons from people who have been through it all, telling you how did they not fall out of love.

I think staying in love is easier than people think. They just have some misconceptions about what love is.

Loving someone is a choice that you consciously make every single day. Every day tell yourself – I’m going to love this person today. 

The love doesn’t really fade, it just evolves. Do stupid cliché things, and don’t forget to say I love you everyday.

People don’t fall out of love first. They fall out of appreciation, respect, and friendship first. When you have a problem, instead of sharing it with others, share it with your partner. You both can’t solve a problem if everyone else knows about it, but you.

Whatever prenotions you have on how love should feel like, notch it down. Learn how to communicate with each other respectfully. Butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling fades, but respect and communication should always stay. 


“Love” fades, you must learn to “bemin” someone during that time.


Focus on the 9 things they did right instead of the 1 thing they did wrong.


The feeling of love is the result of conscious actions you take to put the wants and needs of your partner before your own, not the other way round. 


Communication and appreciation is the key to a loving and happy relationship. It’s you two against the problems, not you vs them. 

Laugh together. Laugh about the mundane stuff, about those little things that irk you about the other, about life. Don’t take everything so seriously. 

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Loving your partner is a conscious effort you take every day. Love them, respect them, appreciate them, and don’t miss out on communication.

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