Have you ever tried seducing your partner in a language other than English? Imagine you are spending the day with your partner….you are horny but they aren’t. You are trying to set their mood in let’s say: Hindi. How would ‘talk dirty to me’ sound then? ‘Mujhse gandi baat karo’? [Yikes] (Well, cringe, but not a bad attempt that was).


Now, try it in Urdu this time. If Gulzar sahab is not helping, fret not, this video has all the translations ready for you.

A Twitter user, @ishansolo, posted the clip on the micro-blogging platform in which Robin Kurian, a content creator can be seen translating dirty talks in Urdu. The text on the video reads, “Proof that everything sounds better in Urdu.”

Kurian not just simply translates, he also enacts seduction for you and it is f**king hilarious. “Choke me, daddy!” becomes “mera dum ghot de abbu“, “Talk dirty to me” turns “mujhse napaak guftagu karein“, and “Spank me!” is “meri tashreef thapthapa dein.” And of course, there’s more.

Watch the funny clip here:

Wait a minute! It feels like I have had too much Internet for today, have I? Anyway, here’s how netizens are reacting to this video.

“Mujhse napaak guftagu kariye” “Meri tashreef thap thapaaye” hahahahahahahahahahah I can’t stop laughing (sic).


Meanwhile, one Twitter user pointed out that some of the translations are wrong.

Robin Kurian, who goes by the username @romolika on Instagram, posted this video on the platform two days ago. “Gustakhi maaf karein!” Kurian captioned the video.

Who cares even if it’s wrong. This shit is hilarious. Great tips, man! So, next time when you are trying to spice things up with your partner, you know what you have to do. This will surely leave both of you in splits. And you are not gonna get laid FR, but hey, she likes you because you are funny, TBH!