Around the world, people have been experimenting with different objects for pleasure. But a body-builder from Kazakhstan by the name of Yuri Tolochko went a step further and officially married a sex doll named Margo in November last year.     

However, just weeks after their marriage Margo broke down and was sent for repair. But, that didn’t stop her husband Yuri to explore further and led him to ‘cheat’ on his wife.     

According to Vice, while Margo was being ‘unloaded’, he met another sex doll by the name of Lola and is planning to marry her next. This doll is supposedly shaped like a giant chicken and has both male and female genitals.   

In January, Yuri uploaded a video of himself stroking and attaining pleasure by tearing a chicken. This experience made him realize that he wants to have a toy like that and take care of it. 

For his future plans, Yuri has mentioned that he wants to now marry multiple sex dolls as having multiple wives is fine in eastern cultures. However, he has vowed to respect his first wife Margo and will always take care of her.