After objectifying women, it’s time to objectify men! Had a breakup and need a ‘man’ to feel ‘pampered’ and ‘loved’ again, or just need a ‘man’ to feel ‘good’ about yourself? Why not, said the brainchild behind ManServants, a company that allows you to hire a gorgeous guy to snap photos of you, fetch water for you, mix you a drink and fix you some food, or even act as your bodyguard.

Basically, there’s a new guy in town, ‘good looking’ mind you, and you can hire him and toy him around for a bit. Your ‘Man Servant’ has launched. 

If you were wondering if it’s an escort service, let us stop you right there. 

It’s not an escort service, it’s just a platform for women to hire ‘good-looking men’ and have all of their needs met, except sexually

In fact, one of the company’s policies spells out that the hired men are not allowed to engage with women sexually. (Don’t ask me why!)

Each ManServant costs $125 per hour and can only be booked for four hours max. 

In case you were busy calculating, we will let you know, that it will cost you around Rs. 8300 per hour. 8300 BUCKS PER HOUR! *dreams of ALL the food she can buy with it*

So what do the ManServants do?

“The men do things like serenade you with Disney songs, paint your toenails, take Instagrams of you and your friends, throw doves out when you arrive, fill up your glass of champagne, or act as a general bodyguard against pretend paparazzi,” according to Tech Crunch.

“Some women even want to be proposed to over and over in public,” Wai Lin told Tech Crunch

Oh and men hire the men servants, too. A couple hired a whole bunch of them to stand there, look pretty and act pretty during a gay wedding.

“Isn’t this kind of objectifying men?” 

“Ugh, there are all sorts of services that objectify women like strippers and that topless maid service. It’s time women had something, too. There’s too much for men and no one really thinks about what women want,” co-founder Josephine Wai Lin told Tech Crunch.


In a layman’s language, if you are objectifying women already, why not objectify men too! Because, genius.