When it comes to love, there’s a lot of pressure on it to last forever. 

Two relative strangers meet, like each other and get into a relationship. Over some time, they fall in love and the more time they spend with each other, the deeper their love develops. 

But not all love stories have a happy ending, right? 


Sometimes, two people who loved each other, fall out of love. Or, one of them chooses to walk out. Or worse, cheats on the other. 

Couples break up. Love stories end. Without a happily-ever-after! 

Some love stories don’t last forever. But maybe, just maybe, ‘forever’ was never meant to be about a person? 


We put way too much pressure on a person to stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Let’s be honest – that other person is also just another human. And humans err. They change. Evolve. Grow up. And grow apart. 

Every relationship, every love story can’t last forever. We’re setting us up for failure if that’s the standard we’re setting for ourselves and the people we fall in love.

But what can last forever is indeed what we learn from those people instead!


Every person in our lives ends up teaching us something. 

The friend who taught us how to drive a car. The colleague who helped us with PowerPoint at work. The cousin who helped sort out our taxes etc, etc. 

But more than any other person, it’s the person we love who teaches us the most. And if we’re perceptive enough, those lessons will certainly last forever!


These learnings can be pretty much anything.

From learning how to cook to planning a solo holiday, appreciating Murakami’s writing to soaking in the magic of Gulzar’s poetry, from exploring your own sexual self to mastering giving pleasure in bed. 

From love like there’s no tomorrow to accepting that love may not always last forever, there’s a lot that a lover can teach us. 

And even though the lover may not always be around, those learnings will certainly last a lifetime.


Let your love teach you how to love unabashedly, unconditionally and with all that you’ve got. 

Let love teach you that even if it didn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t true love. 

And most importantly, let love empower you, teach you to love your own self. Because even if love doesn’t last forever, those lessons will certainly last a lifetime!