There’s no doubt that orgasms are one of the best things human beings can experience and it plays an important role in the bedroom. However, there are a number of mind-altering facts about female orgasms that people barely know. 

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Free Press Journal

1. “When women have sex for the first time, they are 8x less likely to have an orgasm than men.” –TheonGenesisEvangeli

2. “With an estimated 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure.” –nodeneighbours

3. “The female orgasms can result in an incredibly painful headache and it’s called Coital Cephalgia.” –arseache

4. “Most women, about 70-80%, cannot ‘cum’ or orgasm with penetration alone. The majority of them need some stimulation.” –Dancingonjupiter

5. “While scientific investigation couldn’t find a definitive location that could be named the G-spot, they do hypothesize that a few women can achieve orgasm from internal stimulation of the clitoral shaft, so it’s not a separate entity as previously purported.” –Ravesti

6. “In one survey from 1984, more than two-thirds of respondents reported increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction after cannabis use. In general, for women who use cannabis right before sex, researchers discovered that frequency of cannabis use can also play a role in sexual satisfaction.” –Elisa Albrich

7. “There are different types of orgasms. Clit orgasms are very easily attainable but short-like a little spike of pleasure. G-spot orgasms from fingering are like big, rolling waves. They lack a definite peak, but feel good and tend to make me feel tired and sedated after a blended orgasm (clit and G-spot stimulation), which usually occur during PIV sex.” –SmartyPants88

8. “Women who have sex with other women orgasm much, much more.” –shinytrina

9. “It is possible for women to achieve an orgasm just by having their nipples stimulated.” –breeex

10. “The female orgasm releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.” –ineedvitaminsea

Which of these orgasm facts you weren’t aware about?