You must have read, seen or used a number of sex toys to amp up your sex life but have you ever tried a balm? That’s correct, there’s actually a balm, which can heighten your pleasure in the bedroom.

Here’s your guide to knowing everything about an orgasm balm, keep scrolling.


Just like any basic balm helps you release tension and relax your muscles, an orgasm balm helps you in enhancing your relaxation and sexual pleasure in bed.

However, an orgasm balm is quite different from a regular balm in several other ways.

The orgasm balms, which heighten the sensitivity of delicate areas like nipples and clitoris, are a perfect pick for solo sessions in bed.

In fact, if you are looking for something to amp up your sex life with your partner, the orgasm balm comes really handy during roleplays/foreplays too.

Unlike the big and indiscreet sex toys, these soft and smooth balms come in small boxes that are super easy to carry with you on the go. 

You can throw them in your purse or in your pocket for a fun-filled getaway. Also, one can easily hide/conceal them too.

To spruce up the game, these orgasm balms are formulated with a number of products that not only helps in promoting blood flow but also stimulates the nerve endings, for increased sensitivity. 

With the goodness of essential oils and moisturising agents, the balm is quite nourishing as well.

Unlike the other high-pleasure toys, which are quite difficult to assemble or always need batteries, all you need to do with this orgasm balm is to dab a small amount on a finger and rub it on your nipples and clitoris. And voila, you are done!

This kissable orgasm balm comes in a variety of different flavours and one just needs to pick the one that suits them. It will simply encourage you to lick the balm from your partner’s delicate spots.

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