First things first, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning a vibrator. These little powerful tools not only help you to explore your sexuality but also provide you hassle-free orgasms, whenever you want.

However, there are a number of people who like to keep their sexual activities private. If you are one of these people, then you don’t have to shove your orgasm bestowers in your lingerie drawer anymore. Here are some vibrators that look completely innocent.

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1. Lipstick Vibrator 

These oh-so-cute mini vibrating lipsticks are absolutely perfect for tossing in your handbags without anyone giving you those judgemental eyes. Designed to look exactly like a piece of your makeup essentials, these lipstick vibrators are great for quick orgasms. You can buy a lipstick vibrator here


2. Necklace Vibrator 

This stunning necklace vibrator acts as both, a stunning piece of jewelry and a slim yet strong external vibrator. Taking your pleasure and fashion to the next level, these vibrators are available in different finishes, speeds and modes. These vibrators are waterproof and rechargeable. You can buy a necklace vibrator here


3. Egg Vibrator 

Are you looking for something that gives you a different experience each time you use it? Well, an egg vibrator is a perfect pick for you. These easy-to-use disposable vibrators come in an array of sensations to choose from. Each of the one-time-use eggs consists of water-based lubricant lotions in them. You can buy an egg vibrator here


4. Cupcake Vibrator 

This pretty vibrator that looks good enough to eat can easily fit in the palm of your hand. With a discreet power button on the bottom of the cup, the vibrator comes with different speeds and varied pulsations. Is it a cute decoration item or a sex toy? Nobody’s going to know. You can buy a cupcake vibrator here


5. Eggplant Emojibator 

Inspired by the iconic eggplant emoticon, this adorbs eggplant vibrator will surely get things going smoothly. With ten different settings and a waterproof design, this vibrator can be used in and out of the shower. It’s a small yet powerful massaging vibrator. You can buy an eggplant vibrator here.  


6. Bullet Vibrator 

Here comes the most subtle yet brilliant vibrator. With its slender external body and slim tip, this bullet vibrator will help you to get spot-on clitoral stimulation and teeth-clenching intense orgasms. Easy to clean and travel with, this vibrator is a must-have for all newbies. You can buy a bullet vibrator here

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7. Mascara Vibrator 

There’s no doubt that we love slathering coats of mascara on our eyelids. However, there’s another sort of mascara that can please your other body parts. These elegant fit-in-your-purse vibrators come with silicone ribbed tips and different vibration settings. You can buy a mascara vibrator here.  


8. Duck Vibrator 

This sex toy might look like a colourful bathing duck made up of rubber but, it’s not. This cute little duck vibrator makes your shower time a lot more fun. From a round head and pointed tail to a nubby beak, this waterproof vibrator offers a range of vibrations and textures to pick from. You can buy a duck vibrator here


9. Fingertip Vibrator 

These tiny and discreet fingertip vibrators conveniently sit right on or over your fingertips. They are a perfect addition to amp up your solo sessions by putting the pleasure right into your hand. These vibrators are enclosed in a soft casing that is easy to clean. You can buy a fingertip vibrator here

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10. Cactus Vibrator 

Last but not the least, these cactus vibrators are super subtle and fun. These vibrators have a curvy shaft and a soft silicone body that feels comfortable to use for great stimulation. With different speeds and pulsing functions, this vibrator will instantly become one of your favourite bedtime companions. You can buy a cactus vibrator here


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