If you are a fan of trying new positions in bed, you might want to be aware of the downsides of it. Because trying new things in bed should be fun and not painful.

While porn has set some unrealistic expectations for us, we have listed down some sex positions that will give dard if not done precisely. So, all you khatron ke khiladi’s out there read on.

1. 69 Standing Up

The position involves stimulation of oral sex simultaneously. But, when the couples stand upside down to do this, it can be a disaster. Both partners need to be compatible in terms of weight and height to try this.

As per reports in the International Journal of STD and AIDS, researchers found that nine percent of people studied were infected with chlamydial conjunctivitis after their partner ejaculated into their eye.

2. ​The Cowgirl

The position where the woman is on the top, facing away from her partner. But as per studies, this position is considered dangerous for men, as it can injure the penis if tugged the wrong way. 

3. Anal sex

Not many want to try this. But the friction and pain this position causes are not worth it. It can cause bacterial infection, the tissue in the anus is delicate and can get torn.

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4. Switching between positions

Now that’s where porn misleads us. Switching positions during sex is not easy. You need to be very careful while trying to change positions, or it will hurt both of you. 

5. Breast fondling

Breast fondling involves a lot of biting, sucking, squeezing, to stimulate the nipples. But one needs to be gentle so the partner doesn’t get hurt. 

6.  Oral sex

Though this may be fun, it can also cause STDs. If your partner is too harsh, it can hurt you. Check if any of you have mouth ulcers, gum infections, or genital sores before indulging in oral sex.

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7. Eager Chef Position

This position involves a woman sitting on a table and the guy stands on his toes to penetrate. It puts a lot of pressure on his calves and if he misses the aim, you know what happens then. 


8. Pogo Stick Position

The man stands and carries the woman to penetrate. This requires a lot of arm strength and balance between partners. If any of the partners loses balance, it can cause back injury and multiple fractures. 

9.  Doggy style

Though the position is most cherished, if not done correctly can cause a lot of trouble. If penetration is done at the wrong angle, with too much force, and without sufficient lubrication, it induces vaginal tearing. 

10. The Missionary

Yup, the most boring position can also be risky, if not done right. The woman can suffer from cervical bruising and abrasions in case she has a short vaginal canal. It can also cause urinary tract infections.

11. The Randy Raft

Firstly, ask yourself how comfortable you are floating in a pool. You lay down on your stomach and the guy enters from behind. All this while holding the position in the pool. Don’t try it if you can’t swim. 

12. The Butter churner

Imagine this, one partner is almost standing on her head, while he thrusts in and out perpendicularly. Sure, a woman can have intense orgasms, but it also causes stress on the spine and neck. 

13. The Passion Propeller

You lay down with your partner in traditional missionary style. The guy then starts doing the 360-degree spin & rotating all around you with his penis inside your vagina throughout. But, you have to endure a few kicks on your face. It can result in pulled muscles.

14. The Wheelbarrow

As you see the picture, are you willing to stand on two hands to have sex? If yes, make sure you hold yourself up for that long while having sex. 

Not every position will be dangerous if you know what you are doing. 

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