Dear women, having sex is the most intimate experience you will have. To make sure it gives you max pleasure, you need to explore what you like, know about your body, most importantly feel secure with your partner. 

We have tried to list down some things every woman should know before having sex. Because, hey, no matter what you deserve more orgasms!

1. The first time is romantic, awkward, & everything you didn’t imagine.

Sex for the first may not be mind-blowing. To match the rhythm right with your partner you need practice and lots of communication.

2. You need to discover your best sex position.

What’s sexier than telling your partner what you like? Try new things, use vibrators, mix it all up, because that’s how you will find your best position. And remember, your best sex positions may change from time to time. 

3. You don’t need to learn a blow job technique.

This is not a skill you need to learn from those long articles. You going down on him is all the technique you need. If you want to make it pleasant for you, brush your teeth ( thank me later).

4. Try some lube. 

As we always say, make lube your best friend. Lube will make penetrative sex less painful & keep things smooth. 

5.  It’s okay if you masturbate. 

The more the merrier. You can pleasure yourself multiple times you want. Ask your partner to join and have fun together!

6. You and your partner cannot finish at the same time.

Let that goal just go! But make sure you have a lot of fun satisfying each other. 

7.  You owe yourself protection (use condoms).

If he doesn’t want to use condoms, consider it a red flag. Because he should care about you and not just about his pleasure. 

8. Even the sex cliches work, you know. 

Sex clichés are clichés for a reason because they always work. So, yes if cigarettes during sex make you feel amazing, you are not alone!

9. Pain gets better with time.

The first time may be painful, so take it slow. Perhaps if it still hurts, consider talking to your partner about it. It is always a good idea to visit a gynaecologist. 

10. Don’t forget to pee after sex

Dealing with UTIs or STDs after having sex is not what you desire right? So, don’t forget to pee after having sex. 

11. Remember men need clear instructions.

Telling him what you like doesn’t make you selfish. Let your men decipher what you want. Use your words: harder, faster, slower, a little to the left or right, communicate your needs! 

12. Let your partner know about your insecurities.  

The more conversations you have about it, the sexier it gets. Talk about your insecurities, let him know what makes you awkward, and grow together sexually.  

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