You only have great sex after learning from experience. It’s a different journey every time, and you learn a lot of things.

A mind-blowing sexual encounter comes with experience, and you know even the smallest gesture counts. Redditors are discussing the most useful things they learned during sex, and Indeed, they are really helpful!

1. “The most useful thing I ever learned during sex was that the importance of discerning the structural integrity of various household objects before attempting to have sex on them is a vital step.”


2. “Most bras that clasp in the back are easy to unhook if using your left hand, pinching the overlapping part of the clasp with your fingers, and then flicking your wrist outwards.”


3. “I’m not speaking for all women, but I tend to orgasm when the thrusts slow down a bit and become more rhythmic rather than when I’m being pounded hard and fast (although that’s fun too). When I’m ready I usually tell him to slow down, and when it’s clear I’m about to orgasm he will speed up again.”


4. “Not me, but according to a friend, if you run out of lube, do not use toothpaste.”


5. “The first time I ever fingered a chick I learned a lot. Like I was expecting the hole to be in the front, that’s where the penis sits so it makes sense right? So I’m making out with this girl and I reach down into her pants all smooth like and ‘gasp’ there is nothing there. I played it cool though and kept reaching down lower and lower and lower and finally I found the hole. I’m very happy it didn’t miss it and trying to finger her butthole would have been awkward.”


6. “If you want to be the ultimate sex god to your partner. Ask them what they like. Then ask if you are doing it right. Little to the right, little to the left? Ask. By the time you are done, they will forget the questions you were asking and only remember the orgasms.”


7. “The more comfortable you make your partner, the better the sex is in the future. for example, don’t be a bitch if a girl queefs or something during sex, I mean it’s likely your fault anyway.”


8. “If your boyfriend says “Oh my god, move your head”, while swatting at you, looking panicked, during a blowjob- fucking move your head. It’s not an orgasm, it’s a fart.”


9. “Don’t knock period sex til you try it. During her period, her ladybits are all kinds of sensitive and she will have a frigging intense orgasm if you do everything right. Just remember, different positions yield different amounts of blood on your junk and such. Just lay down a towel and go to town and don’t let it bother you.”


10. “Did you eat anything remotely spicy today? Wash your damn hands. With soap. Twice.”


11. “Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on what gets you off and what doesn’t because you’re embarrassed. But once we started talking and letting each other know what we like the sex has been crazy Frigging amazing!”


12. “I’ve learned that porn is bullshit in every way.”


13. “Have a lube on hand. If she isn’t lubricating herself enough, it’s not a bad idea to add a little extra. Makes it better for both parties.”


14. “If it’s both of your first times, she’s probably gonna have to help you find the hole.”


15. “Girls are capable of multiple orgasms, and you can exploit that.”


16. “It really doesn’t matter how long you last, just as long as you make her cum first.”


17. “Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay! The more time spent getting her going, the less time you have to spend getting her there once you get started yourself. Then you can relax and concentrate on getting yourself there. Also, a woman has more pleasure areas than just her clitty. Give all of her body love and attention.”


18. “Don’t be afraid to try something in the heat of the moment cause that might be the only time either one of you will even consider it.”


19. “Not only is it okay to laugh, sometimes it’s required. The faces we end up making, the incidental noises that occur, sometimes it is just too damn funny. Laughing doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome sex, it just means it’s funny, too.”


20. “Learned the hard way, guys can get yeast infections too. Definitely find some time to wash your junk afterwards, guys and girls.”

CaptainMimosa ·

21. “If your woman (or a guy I guess), just got waxed ask them if they used numbing cream before commencing oral sex.”


22. “The clitoris has a clitoral-hood and if you move it and expose the clitoris entirely you can make her orgasm pretty quickly.”


23. “Enthusiasm for the person you’re with goes a very long way. Don’t just go through the motions.”


24. “If you are going to finger a chick, CUT YOUR DAMN NAILS FIRST. Bonus points if you file them smoothly. There is nothing that ruins the mood faster than nails scraping the inside of your sausage wallet like they’re picking at a scab.”


25. “Always use a condom. Don’t learn it the hard way. Seriously, that is one thing you don’t want to learn the hard way.”


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