Fathers and daughters have always shared a special bond, one that can’t be explained in words. Most dads are not men of many words, yet they have the ability to say so much with just a warm hug and stern stare. Our first superheroes, no matter what, our dads have always been our pillars of strength and support. 

As we still struggle to pen down this emotion we feel for fathers, Yannick Vicente, a single dad, portrays his role as a father in the best way possible – through comics. These little snippets of love show everyone the simple things that dads do to make us feel special. 

They are the best hairdressers in town.


We don’t always ask the easiest questions.


Come what may, they are always there to catch us.


Their unconditional and selfless love is beyond anything that we can imagine.


Thank you, dad. I’ve probably never said it in these very words, but I love you.

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