After a tough day at work, all you want to do is run back home to your special someone.

However, on some days, that is never enough. 

Something doesn’t feel right. There are some things you just can’t say. Some things you’re holding on to. Things that might affect your relationship. Things that’ll make him/her judge you. Things that might lead to uncalled for troubles.

That’s when you call the one person who knows you better than anyone does. The one person who may not be with you all the time but is with you every single moment. 

That one friend who is basically you but with a different face. 

Light Humour

Their number is always on your speed dial. You know that a five-minute conversation with them is all you need to make things better.

In fact, you don’t even have to make the call. 

A text saying, ‘My life is a mess’ is all that needs to be sent. Next thing you know, you’re sitting with them in a bar and having the most difficult conversation of your life. The beauty of this being that it doesn’t seem difficult anymore.

Just seeing their face makes half of your problems disappear. They sense your troubles as if it were their own. 

She knows

They might laugh at your problems, passing them off as idiotic. 

They will give you the usual ‘I told you so’ and ‘You should stop crying about everything’  but they will never judge you. They will listen to your same old crappy career/relationship/family problems and then, give you the advice you need.

They will never give up on you. 

They will tell you that you have the strength to fight. They will help you see your worth. They will ridicule you and tell you that nobody has the right to do that except for them. 

Every time they call you an asshole, you know that it comes with a concealed dose of love.

Her campus

It’s amazing how each phase of our life leaves us with at least one special friend. 

They say that you can only have one best friend. I don’t believe that!

With every person we meet, we grow a little. 

I have a best friend from school. I have a best friend from college. I also have a best friend from work.

They all stand as reflections of the different phases of my life. They associate me with what I was when I met them. 

Though I have changed, they still love me for who I am today.


It’s not like we haven’t fought with each other. 

But if there’s one relationship where ego doesn’t stand a chance, it is friendship. 

Unlike our relationship with a lover, where egos run high, things are different with friends. You know they have too much shit on you, for you to give up on them. But that’s not the reason why we keep holding on to them. 

They’re people we just can’t live without.

They are more than just friends. They are our entire support system.


We’ve all made our fair share of wrong choices. And for every right one, a great friend stands proof. Every minute, every effort and every bit of energy that we’ve put into the friendship is worth it.

We won’t be what we are today, if it wasn’t for them. 

Our lives function because we know they exist. 

Thank you for making me, me!