They had the perfect love story.

He met her in college. She was charismatic and confident and he was instantly drawn to her. What started as friendship soon turned into something more. They were holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. Love was in the air and together, they made a wonderful couple. 

But some love stories don’t have a happy ending. 

Soon, conversations became arguments and romance gave way to fights. Suddenly, love wasn’t enough. She was dissapointed and he couldn’t understand what to do.

In no time, they parted ways. It was the end of their love. End of their love story.

But what was it that destroyed their love? Killed it, day by day?

To put it simply, it was their need to make their love last forever. 


What is the true test of a relationship? 

Is it love? Is it honesty and loyalty? Or, is it the ability to last till the end of time? In an ideal scenario, it should be the first two but for some reason, all we’re interested in is making our love stories last forever. 

There’s a certain pressure. A certain diktat for every relationship. We’re all supposed to find that one person who will stay with us for as long we live. Because that’s what real romance is, right? Holding hands and walking into the sunset? Living together, day after day? Never leaving each other’s side?

Unfortunately, real-life love isn’t quite this real. 

It doesn’t come with a guarantee. It doesn’t promise to last a lifetime. And it doesn’t always stay forever and ever. 

And yet, it is love. 


Why have we started equating the intensity of our love with its longevity?

Our lives are filled with different relationships. Each one of those has a purpose and its due time-limit. Some last a few weeks, some, a few years and some others manage to stay for a few decades. If you’re lucky, you’ll find someone to last a lifetime. 

But just in case your relationship fizzled out in some time doesn’t mean it wasn’t intense or real enough. All it means is that it lived its full course. It came into your life for a fixed period of time and when the time was over, cupid left the co-op.

The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner will happiness enter our lives. 

We don’t have to go about our lives trying to make our relationships last forever. 

Once you’ve accepted that just like most things, love too has a time limit, you’ll be a much happier person.

More Sky

Love is an emotion that isn’t meant to be locked inside a box. 

You can’t force yourself to stay in love just because you’re hell bent on making your relationship work. Whether it is a romantic liaison or holy matrimony, it’s futile to try and force yourself to stay in love. Because no matter how hard you try, all you’ll get is a frustrated equation that’s forever on the brink of breaking apart. 

Instead, if you focus on enjoying the bond while it lasts, you’ll be able to savour all that love has to offer. 

Enjoy the small gestures. Embrace the little joys. Without getting bogged down by the cliches of forever and ever.

Romantic Love Messages

There’s not much you can do to make your love last forever. 

You may think that you’ve got what it takes. That your love story will change the rules. Your love will always be enough. 

It’s not your fault. Every lover is thinking the same. Love does that to people. 

But while you’re busy drowning in love, remember that not much is in your control. Just like falling in love wasn’t in your hand, falling out of it will also not be in your call. 

Life presents various circumstances. He could get a lucrative job in a different city. She could find someone better. For all you know, there could be a natural calamity. 

Life is full of uncertainties. And we can rarely do much about it. 

Vivid Screen

This isn’t to say that love can’t last forever.

Cynicism rarely takes anyone anywhere. Yes, love can last a lifetime. Sometimes, even more. But only when you’re not constantly trying to make it last. Not when you’re religiously working towards it. 

If you have to work on something, work on living in the moment. 

Feel the love. Experience it. Just don’t expect it to last a lifetime. 

If it doesn’t, you won’t be dissapointed. And if it does, it’ll be the cherry on the cake.

Stop chasing the sunset and instead, enjoy the sunlight!