Ah, sex.
A noun, one word, and three alphabets that can grab your attention faster than the news of the world ending. 

I mean, didn’t it just make you want to scroll through the article to see what exactly I am talking about, just because it’s related to sex?

Well, as it turns out, you’re not the only one, there are about so many others. 

Marco Carnovale

In fact, the page on Kama Sutra on Wikipedia has been viewed 27 MILLION TIMES. 

But before you break your head, let me make it clear for you. Wikipedia collected data in its Multiyear ranking of most-viewed Wikipedia pages from December 1, 2007, to January 1, 2021.


Including both, desktop views and mobile views, the list is indicative of what the world is thinking and reading. 

It has lists regarding Buildings & Structures & Statues, Singers, Pornographic actors, Athletes, and even Pre-modern books and texts

@charlesdeluvio/ Unsplash

And, this is where it gets interesting. Everything was fine until we noticed that in the list of Pre-modern books and texts, Kama Sutra tops it all with 27 million views in India. 


It is even above Bible which is at the 3rd number with 19* million views, Quran at 6th number with 15 million views, Mahabharata also with 15 million views, Ramayana at 12 million. 


You can view the page here. 

Looks like people can lie but numbers won’t and this time, Wikipedia has set it straight where our interests lie ;).