Is she my one and only? Is he the one I’ve been looking for?

It’s not easy to make up your mind about matters of the heart. Well your zodiac sign has a major part to play when it comes to how long you take to commit to a love interest. And here’s an approximation of how many dates it’ll take you to fall in love with someone, based on your zodiac:

1. Aries

Aries are headstrong people, so they will only settle for what they want. Which means they will take their own time trying to understand the other person better.

Number of dates: 7-8

2. Taurus

Taurians are a romantic bunch. They fall in love quickly, sometimes way too quickly. Don’t expect them to take too long to commit.

Number of dates: 3-4 

3. Gemini

If there is one star sign that’s famous for its split personality, it is Gemini. They are an indecisive lot and they will take their time deliberating whether to commit or not to. Don’t expect them to give a nod in the first ten dates.

Number of dates: 11-12

4. Cancer

Shy, looking for stability and fiercely loyal, these guys will need reaffirmation even if they kinda know he/she is the one. Even if they have made up their mind, they’ll still take a date or more before they actually confess their feelings. 

Number of dates: 6-7

5. Leo

As charismatic as they come, they will not take time to woo someone. You’ll fall head over heels for them and since they only show interest if they too are into it, expect this deal to be closed pretty soon.

Number of dates: 3-4

6. Virgo

They are very, very critical and will take everything into account. They will weigh the pros and cons and think it all through before they say yay or nay. So this is not going to be quick!

Number of dates: 8-9

7. Libra

Librans are balanced folks. They proportion out the risks involved and always choose to play it safe. That being said, they are not the ones to stall on a decision either. Once they know it in their hearts, they usually make up their mind soon enough.

Number of dates: 4-5 

8. Scorpio

If there ever is a casanova, the odds are that he/she is a Scorpio. You just cannot resist their seductive approach and people fall hard and fast for them. Expect them to get into a relationship very, very soon.

Number of dates: 2-3

9. Sagittarius

Just like Scorpios, Sagittarians are also a romantic, outgoing bunch and can woo anyone quiet fast. Most people are smitten by their charm and fall for them very soon after meeting them.

Number of dates: 2-3 

10. Capricorn

Intelligent and sharp, they can win people over with their wisdom. But despite the sparks, they also look for an intellectual connection and that can take some time.

Number of dates: 6-7

11. Aquarian

They are the most practical bunch of the lot. And they don’t really mind the wait as long as they are sure they’re finding the right one. In other words, that’s going to be a lot of cups of coffee/beer before they commit.

Number of dates: 12-13

12. Pisces

Another bunch of people who are shy and take their time. They might just make up their mind soon enough but they will take time to open up and confess their feelings.

Number of dates: 5-6