The thing with f***ing someone at work is that sometimes, it can totally f*** you over!

Sitting across at the bar, my friend was obviously not making much sense. He’d had his usual share of drinks and was both visibly and obviously high. But even in that inebriated state, he got me thinking. As someone who’s always been cautious of office romances, I’ve always been confused. 

Is it a bad idea to date a colleague? Or, bad in a good way?


If you haven’t noticed already, we’re all pretty busy. We’re always working. At office, from home, even on the pot. Other times, we’re battling traffic, shuttling between work, home and the nearest possible watering hole. Any free time we get, we’re busy using our hands. Some days, it’s porn. Some others, there’s Tinder. If only love was a website; we’d log on and place an order!


In such a scenario, the only shot we have for some romance is at work. Stay with me, I have some legit points to make!

First and foremost, you’ll have similar schedules. When you’re aware of each other’s work timings, pressure and deadlines, there’s at least one less reason to fight. And if you’re lucky, your partner might just be able to better understand your plight. 

Also, since you both shall be in the same building, at the same time, it’s easier to plan dinners. All the stress of trying to catch up more often is done with! Plus, you can both travel to work together, getting extra time to spend with each other. Every time you’re stressed or need to talk, your partner is right there. All it takes is two cups of coffee and once conversation shall change the course of your day. 

Love, my friend, is just like that!

For those who’re worried about their partners lying about ‘work events’ or ‘staying late in office’ can breathe easy too. If you’re there in person, how can your partner lie? 

Not to forget, there’s the possibility of sex at work too. Empty meeting rooms, parking spaces, washrooms, basically your entire office is your oyster. 

Haven’t I painted the perfect, most rosy picture? Take it easy, mate, for the downsides to this are plenty as well. 

If you’re having a fight, you have to see the person’s face at work too. You’ll basically be existing with the enemy, all the bloody time. And you can also forget about any kind of privacy. Since you’re both working in the same office, he/she’ll know about your whereabouts like a pro. Planning to head out with friends post work? You’ll have to take due permission from the real boss! 

It’s also about some genuine alone time. Too much of spending time with each other can also get claustrophobic, right? Together at home and together at work might sound rosy but in reality, it’s just too much, too soon! 


You’ll also have to deal with a lot of prying eyes and whispering tongues. If your workmates know, it’s bad. If they don’t, it’s even worse. The problem is, people talk. And more often than not, the conversation isn’t how you’d like it to be. 

But the worst part of dating a co-worker is having to deal with a break-up. Now, under normal circumstances, you have the luxury of not having to see the person’s face, right? But if that other person happens to be in the same workplace as you, where do you run and hide? It’s like Kejriwal and Modi stuck in an elevator. 

You’ll have to quit your job (or pray for the other person to do so!) and just like your relationship, even your career will blow up in smoke. It’s just way too risky!


Frankly, after tossing with both the sides, even I’m confused. To do or not to do? 

The prospective love of my life is sitting a few cubicles away from me, right now. And I have to submit this article in 20 minutes. Why is life always such a puzzle?