Love has always been such a hard thing to find. And modern love is only so much more harder to find, given all the fancy apps we have to find dates, and the hookup culture that makes commitment next to impossible. 

We can safely say that most of us have forgotten the true meaning of love. We’ve forgotten that to fall in love with a person takes time and that it is a lifelong bond.

But there are some wonderful love stories that are unfolding right in front of us that teach us a thing or two about it. A story like this played out right in front of this pharmacy employee who would see an old couple visiting the store to collect their medicines every few times a week. All the store employees knew about them and gushed over how cute they were even after years of being together. But then things took a very different turn. 

James Morales, the store employee, took to Twitter to narrate their story:

Let’s all take a lesson and tell our special ones that we love them before it’s too late.