Dear, cousin. 

It’s true that we address different people as mom and dad, but you are just as special to me as my siblings. 


No matter how hard I try, I can’t remember the first time I met you.

That is because you have always been there. 

Bollywood Bubble

From building houses out of blankets to getting scolded for building those houses.

You have always been there. 

KD Novelties

I remember I broke a vase once and asked you not to tell anyone. And you didn’t.

As a partner in my innocent and not-so-innocent crimes, you have always been there. 

Polka Cafe

You’re a precious part of my childhood memories.

The summer vacations at nani ka ghar were something I looked forward to, the entire year. 

Because that was the time I could stay with you and spend the entire day outside, doing what we loved the most: Playing silly games. 

Simple Indian Mom

I never told you back then but it made me really sad thinking that it will take another 12 months for us to be together like that. 

And somewhere between those annual summer trips, we grew up. 

Didn’t realize it, did we?

The Week

From talking about our imaginary brides and grooms to talking about actual crushes.

From wondering how alcohol tasted like to sneaking some to the terrace.

From worrying about homework to finding ourselves lost in the mad race of making a career.

Wonders List

We grew up, well and fast. But we didn’t realize it.

Did we?

Deccan Chronicle

Now that we have so many things to take care of, my most cherished moments are still from the sleepless nights that we spend together.

I can be a child in front of you and you can be a child in front of me. 

Isn’t that what we crave for the most after years of acting like responsible adults who pretend they can handle the curve balls thrown by life?


Everytime mom brings up the dreaded marriage discussions, I want to complain about it to you. 

Everytime I have a bad day at work, I want to go and have chai-maggi with you.

Everytime I have a fight with my siblings, I want to crib about it to you. 

Mans World India

You’re the reason I make it alive out of family functions.

And you’re the reason why even an acquaintance’s wedding is fun.


You misbehave, sometimes; but that’s okay because I do, too.

These small differences will never affect our relationship and the amazing bond that we share.

Polka Cafe

I’ll end this by saying:

I love you from all my heart. Thank you for existing.