To offer an innocent analogy for a relatively not-so-innocent deed- it’s the handwriting that matters not the size of your pencil.  

“Does size matter?” This question may have existed since the beginning of mankind with a plethora of opinions crashing manhood. While a huge penis is something to brag about, it does not guarantee a pleasurable experience for your partner unless you know how to do the act right.

People out there cracking small penis jokes, listen up! There are many benefits of having a smaller than average penis because you know, these guys won’t simply rely on their dicks to give their partners a toe-curling orgasm, rather would explore more things to spice up the game.

1. “You can get deep-throated easily.”


2. “I think men with smaller cocks tend to try harder at making women cum with more than just their cocks. So that’s a big benefit.”
–  jquinn1976


3. “More comfortable anal!”

4. “I can ride him hard without warmup and without worrying about stabbing my cervix.”

5. “We have to be a little more creative in finding good positions and kinks, but it’s helped us spice things up!”

6. “I can ride him hard without warmup and without worrying of stabbing my cervix.”


7. “Doggy style feels way better with a smaller one than bigger one IMO.”
– aleahjak

8. “Swim in a public pool without fear of having your dilly been noticed lol.”

9. “Awkward boners in public won’t be conspicuous.”
– Anonymous 


10. “More foreplay, more eating, more fingers, more cuddling, more kissing, more nibbling, more dirty talk, less dick-whipping.”

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Little things aren’t that little after all.