No wonder people are crazy about the ‘whisper dirty things to me while you make me cum’ kind of love making because words definitely play a big role in bed. Hearing your partner whisper sexy things to you is really a turn on without them actually touching your right buttons. Explicitly knowing your partner’s desire of sexually exploring kinks and fetishes is undeniably sexy AF.

Here we look at a Reddit thread where people reveal the most erotic things they’ve heard from their partners and reading this will turn up the temperature around you a little.

1. “Gf was about to climax while riding me, grabbed my face and said ‘look at me when I cum’ didn’t know she had that brewing inside of her cause she’s pretty soft spoken.”

2. “Dude telling me during sex, ‘I can’t get enough of you’. Real breathy.

That fucking rocked.”

3. “Honestly anything that conveys clear need or desire. My now wife pressing her body against me, looking me in the eyes and just saying ‘please’ felt unbelievably good.”

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4. “The first time my husband and I fucked, he felt my pussy pushing him out with my muscles as I came, and me pulling away because it was too intense.

He grabbed my hips and said ‘Nope. Stay down.’ (I was on top) And I came so hard I cried.

You’re damn fucking right I married him.”

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5. “The next day she texted me and said- I can still feel you inside me.”

6. “Girl I hooked up with was leaving the next morning to catch a flight and on her way out she leaned in and said ‘I’m going to touch myself to the thought of you’. I’d say I fapped one out about 4.5 minutes after she left because of that.”

7. “You can have the last chicken wing.”

8. “Oh fuck, I didn’t know I could have multiple orgasms!- Was very flattered. The look of surprise and satisfaction on her face felt amazing.”

– Kalsor

9. “Being told ‘I want you to fuck me’ out of nowhere feels pretty good.”

10. “My legs haven’t stopped shaking.”

11. “During nude kissing I asked her what she wanted (revering position, etc.) She kissed my neck and whispered in my ear ‘I just want you’. Great night.”

– Axura_

12. “Splashed a tiny bit of water on my shirt from her glass in a restaurant – let’s get you out of these wet clothes.”

13. “My girlfriend in HS got a call that her parents were on their way home. She was ready to go and didn’t want to wait so she grabbed me by the collar, looked me in the eyes, and said ‘we have 15 minutes, do whatever you want to me.’ I did.”

14. “I don’t know if erotic is quite the right word, but I was once told my dick was so great it could be on dildo packaging.”

– Duougle

15. “Now just hold onto me until you cum all over my dick, okay? You can do it.”

Can someone decrease the AC temperature for me, please?