For some it’s the visual appeal that turns on the wildcat in them while for others, the sensation is enough to do the job. Lighting is influential, not only to set the mood for clicking pictures on your balcony but also when you make love in bed. 

Redditors have revealed why they prefer sex with the lights turned off, which you can read to decide for yourself.

1. “I like soft lighting. So like, some background lighting, but not like fluorescents beaming or anything.”

– reagan92 

2. “I usually prefer lights on, so I can see everything we’re doing, but sometimes, middle-of-the-night, totally in the dark sex can be very intense.”

3. “A nice low light is best. I do like to see, but it also adds a little mystery and seduction.”

4. “Lights off because the light in our flat is directly above the bed and if I’m on my back the light seriously hurts my eyes.”

5. “A little bit of light. We have a lamp on our side table and we’ll just turn that on. That one light source coming in from the side is most flattering too. Not that I would mind lights on, but it just really helps with the mood.”

6. “I like them turned off because sex isn’t a visual thing for me at all. If it could be pitch black that’d be sensational, only feeling and hearing.”

7. “I hate having the lights on, there is enough ambient light from the streets. I’m fine with having sex in the daytime but I feel like I am in a spotlight if the lights are on.”

8. “I actually had an orgasm in the dark once like pitch black from a guy giving me oral. Wish I could’ve seen though maybe the loss of visual sensory perception heightened other perceptions.”

9. ” If it’s late at night, I prefer the lights off, because otherwise the light hurts my eyes and I end up with a weird headache.”

10. “Off but with the curtains open so the street lights comes in. Partly because I like the soft light, mostly because I’m not overly happy with how my body looks in the light.”

11. “The guy I’ve been seeing tells me he loves my body but I’m still insecure. I’ll get over it at some point but the allure of dim lights trumps a well lit room any day too.”

12. “My girlfriend and I have something like a night light beside the bed. But her eyes are closed the whole time anyway. So the light is more for me so I can navigate around.”

What would you prefer?