Breakups are messy. But you know what is worse? Running into an ex after that nasty, tearful separation. So, people of the internet are sharing their experiences of bumping into an ex and some of these are pretty awkward : 

1. I greeted her, and then a polite small talk and then we parted ways to our destinations. It wasn’t a very amicable break-up but we are at least civil with each other.      
– Anonymous 

2. I actually ran into my ex at a bar while I was with another girl I was talking to. My ex cheated on me, and she ended up crying when she saw me. It was pretty cool seeing her like that. 
– u3h 

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3. I’m cordial with all of them except one. I bumped into her one day, she must have stalked my Facebook and knew I was engaged and living a great life because well, I post a lot. She had the nerve to come up to me and apologize for all the cheating and asked me to try things again. (Mind you she just saw me walking down the street leaving a Dunkin donut).    
– obitrice-kanobi   

4. I never greeted my ex. She waved hi and I just walked by her. She ended things by ignoring me and not giving me much of any explanation. It was just ‘we are different people.   
– mintyguava

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5. I said, “Hi,” and moved on.  
– hiltonking

6. I started crying and begging her to take me back. She just ignored me and walked faster. I only followed her for a couple of blocks. 
–  Anunkash 

7. Usually meeting my exes results in a friendly conversation. None of my breakups have been that bad.    
– Zalminen 


8. Something possessed me to go to Brookstone at the local mall. I broke up with her over a year earlier and she was heartbroken, yet it was more or less amicable. Turned out that she worked at that store. I felt a punch in the chest when I saw her, probably just out of shock. She seemed surprisingly happy to see me and we had some pleasant conversation. We high fived after she told me she got into nursing school. Then we went our separate ways again. 
– porsche_914

9. I didn’t owe her shit! Especially after what she did to me. She said hi, I kept on walking. I hope she’s finally happy but that doesn’t mean I gotta talk to her.    
– Jive-ass_turkey   


10. A decidedly awkward hug followed by a stilted conversation and a hurried goodbye. It was one of those relationships that just sort of died due to distance so there was never any big relationship-ending fight and there were no hard feelings. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in a year, but I knew from a mutual friend that she had started seeing someone at her university. I didn’t really want to talk about that, and I didn’t want to stir up feelings that I knew wouldn’t lead anywhere, so I just tried to get out of the situation without being rude.  
– Anonymous 

11. My ex-wife stopped by my house (unexpectedly) to drop off some paperwork from the divorce. We had some polite small talk, and I casually mentioned, “Oh, by the way, James [one of our closest friends from college] got married yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding.” The look on her face was priceless. I could see the wheels turning in her head as she slowly realized that all of our close friends hated her for cheating on me — so much so that she didn’t even get invited to a giant wedding attended by all of her [former] college buddies… The best revenge is living well!   
–  bibliomaniac


How was your encounter like?