More often than not, love is made up of a million little things that we adore about our partners, even if we don’t always let them know. But sometimes, it’s the things that may seem insignificant to them, that actually make up the crux of a love story. 

Like these things that people shared on Reddit thread, describing what was it about their significant other that they loved the most: 

b’Redditor: shawtygotabooty’
b’Redditor: DIYKnowNothing’
b’Redditor: SexyToasterStrudel’
b’Redditor: sendend’
b’Redditor: noticesyouarebulge’
b’Redditor: racheal1991′
b’Redditor: worried19′
b’Redditor: kittybigpaw’
b’Redditor: angeluchia’
b’Redditor: thehalflingcooks’
b’Redditor: Bhindbah’
b’Redditor: Luxuryserena’
b’Redditor: kisutee’
b’Redditor: littlelakehouse’
b’Redditor: missbrimarie’
b’Redditor: nosiriamadreamer’
b’Redditor: tartarita’
b’Redditor: JimminySnicketer’
b’Redditor: mariah_papaya111′
b’Redditor: kinkitupanotch-‘
b’Image: RowdyRar1ty’
b’Redditor: angrystrawberries’
b’Redditor: simplygrace’
b’Redditor: zmufastaa’
b’Redditor: lindzlee’
b’Redditor: lunableu22′
b’Redditor: anxious_succulent’
b’Redditor: ifoundxaway’

When it comes to love, it’s not always the big things… sometimes, it’s just a million little things. 

Design credits: Shubham Gupta