Everyone knows PornHub. You don’t? Well, sure. But what most don’t know is that the website recently launched something bizzare, yet fascinating. 

BangFitis a workout program that, as the name suggests, makes you bang your way to fitness.

Forget crunches and squats, using this program you can burn calories via sex positions. Choose any ‘sexercise’ and ‘get into shape while having the time of your life’. All you have to do is put in your phone into the BangFit band and wear it to measure your workout success.

For instance, a workout calledCardi-oh Yes is expected to burn 96 calories (ladies) and 150 calories (gents) in one 30-minute session and another one called Booty Bumpers (something for homosexual couples) will burn 78 calories in a 30-minute session.

Fitness just got sexier!


Check out this video to know more about BangFit and how it works:


It’s a Fitbit for your sex life.