It’s fun to play ‘Truth or Dare’ with your friends, but what about with your boyfriend? It’s time to ask them questions about which they would not otherwise speak out.
Continue reading to find out what dares and questions you may include in your list.

1. Truth: When I call you when you’re out with your friends, how do you react before picking up?

2. Dare: Imitate me for 60 seconds.


3. Truth: Would you ever consider swapping partners on a double date?

4. Dare: Pole dance for me

5. Truth: What’s your ultimate kinky fantasy that you never shared?

6. Dare: Wax your chest/leg hair. 

7. Truth: Me or your best friend?

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8. Dare: Kiss me in public. 

9. Truth: Who’s been your most favourite ex-girlfriend?

10. Dare: Drop an ice cube down your pant for 10 minutes. 

11. Truth: Ever had a crush on my best friend?

12. Dare: Be Spiderman, wear your underwear over your pant for next half an hour. 


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