Getting it on with your co-worker/boss/love interest at work can feel naughty, steamy, and hot AF but, it can also be a risky ‘affair’ since there can be consequences if you are caught in the act.

Redditors reveal what happened to them or their colleagues when they were caught having sex at work and we can definitely feel the temperature rise. Trust me, it can’t get any wilder than this. 

1. “Wife is a teacher. I visited her classroom after hours and we banged in the actual broom closet like something off a crappy sitcom. Of course someone did walk in, said, “Oops” and left and I almost lost my shit and erection.” – Billbaparadise

2. “They were a married couple but both employees. They got caught screwing at the Christmas party. Nothing happened for a few weeks, then they both got fired because they were collecting the gym membership stipend but couldn’t show proof of attendance. Pretty sure that was the first and only time the company enforced the stipend rule.” – Scops 

3. “I was caught having sex at work with a co-worker during lunch. We were in an empty office. My coworkers wouldn’t leave me alone about it. They kept harassing me, called me a slut and pretty much every name in the book. One of my bosses, an older man, groped me on 4 separate occasions. The guy I had sex with didn’t receive any backlash that I’m aware of even though sex at work was his idea. I got fired.” – ObvThrowaway69

4. “When I was still in the Marine Corps (2007ish), one of my friends was banging a non-nco at the barracks (he was a Sgt and she was a LCpl) while he was on duty. Yes, while he was on duty. They never got caught and eventually got married.” – benshapirosfeelings

5. “I worked with a guy at my previous job who was a night security guard for the main facility. He was caught on camera entering an office with a night janitor and she confessed that they had been having sex at work. When confronted, he admitted to having sex with her and they said that he would be terminated. He agreed but first asked them to show him where it explicitly said in the company policy that having sex on company grounds was prohibited. He had already reviewed the company policy and knew he had a claim of potential wrongful termination and they did as well. The guy actually stayed with the company for years and went on to work in manufacturing.” – Rippedlotus 

6. “Got caught by my brother plowing a co-worker in the back of our family owned restaurant. He played it cool for a few years until we were talking about it at lunch and I casually mentioned I know he caught us. That was the day I found out he was doing the same thing with the same girl.” – AreaLeftBlank 

7. “Boss was caught screwing 5 different women at the hotel I worked at. He was fired, with a long investigation. Sure explained why the dude was always late leaving, had to catch up for how much fucking he did.” – BobVosh 

8. “There was a girl who had sex with some employees for pay. When caught, they transferred her to another building and took some minor disciplinary action against all involved. Then she did it again at the new building, so they transferred her back (couple years had passed, so no old “clients” in her area). Then she did it again. 3rd time was the final straw to get her fired.” – AtLeastNineToes 

9. “I work in a government office. Our boss got caught having sex with his private secretary. Boss stepped down and PS suspended for six months. – MariaB32

10. “My ex-boss snorted coke in our bathroom before sucking off a customer in our parking lot, came back in and boasted to us that she got free weed from this guy. A week later, fired. She’s still engaged to her fiancé (not the customer).” – occultusk

11. “I was caught by my boss’s boss, going at it with my boss. He threw his binder down on the ground to get our attention. Then he left and we broke apart, then just finished the shift. I was so sure we were both going to get fired. I was a nervous wreck the whole day. In the end, he decided to not tell anyone and not to fire us. He just asked me if it was consensual, which it was, and lectured me on how inappropriate that was (obviously I agree).” – abae17

12. “We were in high school and worked at a small pizza parlor. We opened on a Sunday together. We had to be there at 9am for prep and we opened at 11am. The owner showed up right at 11am and had to unlock the door to get in. He found us in the back, I had her bent over a prep table. Apparently, time had got away from us. We were both fired on the spot.” – thatbcbastard77

13. “Not me, but two coworkers at a small family restaurant got caught having sex in the bathroom when the owner literally opened the door on them because they didn’t lock it. The girl was bent over the sink and they were watching themselves in the mirror. He slammed the door shut, and when they came out a few minutes later, panicky and shame-faced, he yelled at them “If you’re gonna do that, YOU CLOCK OUT FIRST!!!” while the rest of us laughed our asses off.” – bullhorn_bigass 

14. “My old English teacher was fucking one of the janitors on her desk during school. Funny thing is that they were both married.” – GreenMayhem427

15. “Worked retail in college. We were in the stock room, clothes mostly still on, when the shift manager came in. Had her up against some fitted shirts. Me and her were written up and sent home. They interviewed us separately the next day, we lied about not having a relationship so they wouldn’t transfer one of us. Looking back I’m actually pretty surprised we weren’t fired.” – procrastining_grad 

16. “I used to work in fast food, and a manager got caught having sex with an employee. They were going to just transfer him, but they realized that the employee was 17 (manager was 24), so he was fired. The employee quit because they thought it would keep the manager from being fired.” – unoshark69 

17. “Got caught going at it in the toilets at a work party with my co-worker. Luckily whoever it was saved us the embarrassment and just knocked on the door loudly. We straightened up and left, carried on drinking. Toilet was in a tucked away corner so the party couldn’t see us leaving and no one was outside when we left. Nothing ever happened of it thankfully.” – Rig88 

18. “My gf/coworker and I were doing the deed in the morning when we hear a knock and the phrase “cabin inspection” in an authoritative British accent which we knew was the ship’s captain. I managed to grab all my clothes and run to the restroom, my gf straightened out the room and managed to stall the captain and prevent him from checking the bathroom. She told me that I forgot the used condoms on the floor and she managed to step on them to hide them with her bare feet! I owed her big time!” – DIYinTX 

19. “I worked at Whole Foods. A man and wife worked together and the wife was 6+ months pregnant. One day the wife goes out to their shared car during a lunch break and lo and behold inside their car her husband is just banging away with another WF employee, someone much younger. I’ve never seen the entire store come together like a family as they did that day in support of the pregnant wife. The husband and wife stayed together (against everyone’s advice) and the young lady he cheated with quit work.” – AbeSimpson666

20. “College job in an office, janitor walked in on me and another intern furiously banging it out with zero remorse in an empty conference room. Only repercussion is that now I get to marry her in a month.” – w4nkbank 

Do you have some wild stories to share with us?