Orgasms have the uncanny ability to catch you off guard. They come in different shape, size and form.

For both men and women, your nips are a highly erogenous zone that can guarantee immense pleasure and in turn demand a lot of attention and love. 

Pulling the curtain off the conversation, here are some people discussing the sensation of nipplegasm, so you know that it’s real. 

1. “You have to train your nipples by playing with them every day making them more sensitive to touch. Now I cum without even touching myself by playing with them. I also had an experience where a guy played with them and sucked on them and I came just from that because of how sensitive I made them, so it’s possible.”

2. “Yes, you can have it. In fact, I’ve been though a lot of nipple orgasm. The trick is to relax and be gentle.”

3. “Yes it’s actually pretty amazing. Just lightly stroke your nipples a bit everyday and they’ll start getting more sensitive.”

4. “My nipples we’re always sensitive and I read I could cum just by toying with them. So the first nipplegasm was the best O I ever had. It took about 30 minutes of constant play. After that I learned to cum in about 5-10 minutes of play.”

5. “My GF easily orgasms with intensity from nipple stimulation. So much so that it’s our go-to foreplay. I nibble and pinch lightly, and as she gets into it the nibbling and pinching intensifies until everything explodes. And then it’s on to other matters…”

6. “I was never really going for it, this just happened. I always get insanely horny from nipple play, but I never specifically tried to get all the way to orgasm from it.”

7. “He kept going and going, just slowly rolling my nipples while I writhed. It was intense.”

8. “Used to do this with my wife any time she was really turned on. She likes me to get pretty rough with her nipples – like sometimes I think I’m pinching too hard, but she definitely responds.”

– Over50Mike 

9. “I found nipple suckers to be the thing that makes mine really sensitive, maybe try those?”

– StannieBoyz

10. “Do it when you’re menstruating. Hormonal changes can increase breast sensitivity and tenderness, which can heighten arousal.”

11. “Stimulating nipples wakes up the same nerve cortex that is activated by genital play. My current partner enjoys nipple play – having them licked, sucked, pinched – more than most other women I had been with before.”

12. “The first time I experienced a nipple orgasm was while using nipple clamps. We used them before and during intercourse and the sensations were mind-blowing. I experienced the most amount of pleasure when he took them off and put some ice on them. That immediately made body react and eventually orgasm.”

Bucket list worthy!