Nothing is better than multiple orgasms during sex. It’s an art you can only cherish if you know how to do it right. 

Though lovemaking is an intimate experience, only a powerful orgasm makes it best. Redditors have some handy tips for men to give their partner a “powerful” orgasm.

1. “Oral sex. Learn about it and practice and use your fingers as well. You will eventually get better. The end.”


2. “Find the Clitoris! It really exists! All you need to do is make a come here motion with your fingers whilst inside and bam.”


3. “Don’t stop, listen to her, when she says ‘right there’ she means it. Don’t go rough on that shit unless she’s asking for it. Eat it like a bulldog eating oatmeal.”


4. “One thing I have noticed in my experience is that the slower you do things, the better. If a woman is truly into you, making her wait during intimacy is the best way to build anticipation. Foreplay and the slow building of actions leading up to sex is much more important for women than it is for men.”


5. “Vaginal orgasms are achieved when hitting it in and up towards the public bone. There are a few positions you can try but probably best is her laying belly down with a pillow under to prop her hips up. You penetrate from behind and can really hit that spot. Cowgirl works very well too with her squatting over your dick and moving back and forth rather than up.”


6. “Communication is the best and every woman is different so definitely communication. I just got lucky with the one I made orgasm and somehow I was good with my fingers with her.”


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7. “Persistence. Your tongue may not be used to working for so long, but it’s worth it to feel her thighs constrict your head uncontrollably. Also, make sure to keep licking once she starts her orgasm. Continue to lick until she asks you to stop.”


8. “Listen. The sounds she’s making will guide you. And start slow and easy.”


9. “If you’re in missionary lay close enough that your lower stomach/pelvic area is rubbing against her clit as you have sex. Some women find this too stimulating so make sure she is warmed up first.”


10. “Don’t hurry; YOU are responsible for her orgasm (keep that in mind), there is no rush. Take your time and enjoy. Less than 40 minutes is a quickie.”


11. “You hold that O until she gives you permission to cum. Also, be firm. Your grasp needs to have a purpose. Show true strong admiration for what you find attractive about her. Not aggressive. Not overbearing. Just firm. As her hands roll over your body, those parts should be flexed.”


12.  “Don’t forget to experiment with positions. I have never had problems climaxing during sex but I have a very quick one if I’m on my back with my legs over his shoulders, or if he’s moving around inside me instead of thrusting in and out. I also find lube a big help.”


13. “Learn how to touch and kiss a woman and learn how to stimulate her mind if you really want her to orgasm. Going in and beating the pussy up doesn’t work as you think.”


14. “Add some clitoral stimulation. Lots of lube or extensive foreplay to get her comfortable. Vary your rhythm, straight pounding will not get the job done.”


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