Now that I have your attention, can you think of things people usually say after doing the good deed? It could be anything from, ‘woah, that was really good’ to even a stoic silence.

But you know what’s worse? When some people blurt out something so rude that you don’t know if you should punch them or go white in shock.  

Well, as it turns out, we found a thread on Reddit where people got candid about some of the worst/shocking things said to them after sex, and damn, those words hurt. 

1. “Wow, you’re bad at that. My ex was WAY better.” – themightymaud

2. “The condom broke.” – nerrollus

3. “I can’t believe I just had sex with you.” – Montothemog

4. “They said ‘that was good. Now, where’s the penis?’. And at that point I knew my penis feels like a finger.” – Stringmaster29

5. “My hand has never talked back to me 🤚” – thelifeofamillenial

6. “I was thinking we should break up.”   – VagabondOfYore

7. “Was that it?” – Araxya

8. “I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to see you and I need you to leave.” – ThatGermSquad77

9. “You’ve got great birthing hips.” – ChuckysBarbie

10. “Are you done now?” – bikerdudelovescats

11. “You gotta pay extra for that thing u did there at the end.” – PonderingMonkey

12. “So can you help me pay my rent.” – NeedleworkerTop2177

13. “You didn’t last long enough.” – Mean-Falcon-6204

Hmm, I think I need therapy to get over this.