We Bet Single People Won't Be Able To Score More Than 5 In This Quiz

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It is very easy to tell someone who has always been single, from the person who has not. The way the former reacts in relationship situations. Whether they have just started dating or they're giving advice to someone who is in a relationship, they act like a deer caught in the headlights and today we decided to test this out on you guys. 

If you answer less than 5 questions correctly in this quiz, chances are very high that you have been forever single. There's no problem with it, it's just, you have been forever single.

1. You are going to meet their parents. How do you decide what to take?

You guys have a fight, what do you think is the right thing to do?

3. You want to watch the match, they don't. What happens?

They forget to text you before sleeping. How do you react?

5. Your partner keeps mentioning this one thing they really want. What do you do about it?

6. It's your partner's birthday, what do you do?

7. They want to go to this Chinese restaurant they like but you don't enjoy the cuisine. What do you do?

8. Valentine's Day is coming, what do you do?

9. Which one of these options do you choose when you go out for dinner?


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