“What has the world come to?”

Every person who’s not a millennial has this question constantly nagging them. After all, they grew up watching stories of eternal love, selfless sacrifices and you-before-me love stories. You know, the old school kind of love. But aaj kal? *Sigh*

Today’s generation has a weird way of loving. I’m not even sure if it can even be defined as love. Their relationships are more complicated than a tough-to-crack mathematics equation. But with so many choices and options, can we really blame them?

To even try and define the relationships millennials have today is close to impossible. But we gave it a try anyway! 

We think it’s high time Facebook added these new relationship statuses: 

Now, did you get how complicated millennials can be?

Designs by Utkarsh Tyagi and illustrations by Mir Suhail