Every time a baby is born, it’s showered with the pressure that comes with ‘ye Papa par gayi hai’ or ‘ye bilkul Mummy jaisa lagta hai’. And while the possibility of us physically resembling either of our parents is more or less equal, a new study reveals interesting findings about how our parents’ genes can affect other aspects of our development.

According to a study by University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine, the genes from your father are more dominant than those inherited from your mother.


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The study on lab mice showed that even though sometimes a young one might demonstrate physical characteristics mirroring the mother, all mammals are likely to use the genetic material passed down from their fathers.

This basically implies that even though we inherit the same amount of DNA from each parent, the paternal line dominates how the offspring develops into an adult.


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The findings helped scientists conclude that even though the genetic mutations inherited from each parent are equal, we actually use  more of what we get from the father.

“This is an exceptional new research finding that opens the door to an entirely new area of exploration in human genetics.”
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So the bad mutations, i.e. a gene predisposed to certain diseases or conditions, inherited from the mother won’t be expressed in an adult offspring as much as it would be if it were inherited from the father.


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