When it comes to relationships, ultimately, it all boils down to time, right?

The time we’ve spent with someone and the time we wish we’d spent with them. The time we think we need and the time we think we have. 

Thought Catalog

And before we realise it, all matters of the heart are being dealt with that ‘time’! 

To get into something serious or not. To marry or not. To settle down or not. Is it about the right person or just the right time? 


In the age of bucket-lists, relationships are yet another box to tick. 

You’re at a certain age and stage in life and the only way forward is to settle down. Finding someone right is so last season; anyone right now is the right one, or so it seems. 

Female Network

Are we placing too much importance on settling down? Making it some kind of a must-reach destination? A must-do thing? Something without which we’re majorly incomplete? 


And in our mad rush for settling down, aren’t we forever grappling with time? Or rather, for it? 

I’m turning 30 and need to settle down. I don’t have much time!

All my friends are getting married. I have to settle down now!

Think about it – we’re all settling for someone just because we’re so obsessed with settling down!

Huffington Post

We’re looking at relationships and marriage like a product. Will it work? Will it go on forever and ever? If yes, bring it on. If no, why bother trying!

Yoann Boyer

In today’s time, love and marriage aren’t experiences but some kind of a destination instead. And if someone doesn’t guarantee to take us there, we’re not up for the ride. 

We’d rather be with someone who’s ‘marriage material’ than someone who makes us want to marry them! 


What’s this premium on settling down, anyway? 

Is someone who’s well placed in their career and able to afford all that they desire not settled enough just because they’re yet to get married?

What about those who refuse to settle till they’ve found that someone perfect?


There’s no ‘right time’ to do anything, least of all get married. Whenever you’ve found the right person, that IS the right time. 


The thing is that we think we don’t have enough time. Actually, we do. 

Enough to wait for ‘the’ one. Enough to take our time and figure it out. Enough for a lifetime. Just enough, actually!