In a country with exploding population, there’s more hush-hush around ‘sex talk’ than at the chemist’s condom counter.

No matter how ‘creative’ our films and TV shows get, humans have a wild imagination of sex loaded with innumerable myths.

To break the clutter, we came across a Reddit thread where people are discussing the most common lies about sex that need to be debunked right now.

1. “Harder + Faster = Better.”

2. “That if you stab a vagina with your fingers a girl will enjoy it. At all.”


3. “That there are hot singles in my area waiting to get laid.”

4. “That everyone has sex for the first time in high school and if you don’t, you’re weird or unwanted.”

5. “That it’s always ‘sexy’ and intense. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s awkward, and sometimes it’s just not good- and that can be all with the same person who you’ve been with for ages. People won’t always be in sync.”

6. “It’s supposed to be an hours-long endurance contest with ever-changing positions. I blame porn.”

7. “That sex is easy for everyone and that people just have it whenever, however, with whoever. But no, a lot of people suffer from health and emotional problems, medications, and that it can be just as difficult as any other aspect of life. Even for young people unfortunately.”


8. “That men are ALWAYS up for it.”

9. “Sex in the shower is really harder in real life than porn,  it’s dangerous.”
– xwulfd


10. “That vaginas are all the same general size and only men have a great degree of genital size variation. This is untrue.”

11. “That the larger the penis the better the sex. Do you know how painful it is when it’s too big?! Goddammit it hurts. Like holy hell I felt like I was on my period afterwards.”


12. “That women can cum very easily through penetration. I’ve only been able to with foreplay.”

13. “That if you’re sexually active with a partner you won’t masturbate anymore.”

14. “Just because your doctor clears you for sex a few weeks after childbirth, that you’re miraculously up for it and become a shagging machine.”

15. “That women cum just from the penetration. While I’m sure there are women out there who experience that, a lot of us need our clits to be stimulated too.”
– ZMK13


16. “That a loss of male stimulation means a lack of interest or attraction to their partner.”

17. “That the hymen is unbroken until the girl loses her virginity. It’s not even remotely true.”


18. “Nobody, regardless of gender, needs a ‘valid reason’ to not have sex. Ever. No is reason enough. Period. End of discussion. No room for debate.”

19. “That it always has to be a spontaneous thing where you look into her eyes, she looks into yours, you share this unconscious moment, and then you both sprint off to the bedroom, tearing your clothes off on the way. 
Sure, that happens and it’s nice, but when you’re bogged down with life, work, kids, plans, etc., those moments where you’re both in the mood at the same time can almost never overlap.”

20. “Women don’t have sexual desires it’s a men thing.”

The last one, though!