Reddit is that one place where you can find weird and creepy stories. 

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And, while we were scrolling through, we chanced upon a thread where sex workers have anonymously shared their experiences with clients. 
Trigger Warning: Graphic content ahead

1. That’s a plot twist you didn’t see coming. 

2. Somebody took their obsession with Willy Wonka a little too far, it seems. 

3. If you really think about it, she deserved it. 

Sister’s roomate in Vegas had a client. She just laid there and he gave her foot massages. I think it was like 400 bucks an hr. He just asked about her day and talked to her. Obvi foot fetish but he never creeped her out or anything. Every time she walked through the entry the money was already there and was very respectful. He did it like 1-2 times a week.

4. You’ll have to sit down for this one. 

She said the weirdest call she got was from a guy whose fantasy was to be a chicken, however she was supposed to trick him into cooking him. She said the phone calls would usually go about how he was a dirty chicken and would need a bath. I asked her if he talked and she said he initially would ask her if she knew about the chicken man, and when she confirmed she knew him he would immediately go into chicken mode. He called often.

5. Okay, this has got us all in tears. 

My boyfriend used to be a sex worker, and once he got a woman who said she’d pay him to just lay his head across her lap, and let her play with his hair for a few hours. He did so, and after he asked why. She said that her husband recently died in hospital and they used to do that. She didn’t ask for anything more, and my boyfriend just decided to let her keep the money. 

6. Eh, what the what? 

There are a lot of weird fetishes and role-playing stuff people want, but someone who I will never forget is blood fetish guy. He made a small cut on his arm and let the blood drip onto his penis, then he gave himself a hand job with it. I just had to watch and say dirty stuff to him, but it was hard to hide how weirded out I was.

7. I don’t think I’ll be able to think of cheese the same way anymore. 

8. Well, this seems like the best ‘win-win’ situation. 

9. Well, sabki apni apni choice hoti hai. 

10. Code Red. I repeat this is CODE RED. 

Ex is a mobile stripper. Old guy paid her to stomp on his balls with the peg part of her heels. He came. She also got paid to sit in a truck and eat green beans. The dude was a farmer and had to suddenly tend to something on the farm.

11. Just one-off case where somebody got paid for a ‘dick pic.’

12. In simple terms, he wanted to see large-scale enema happening in real-time. 

13. I mean, why? How? What is this? 

TBH, after this, my respect for sex workers has grown even more. The things they have to deal with.