Nothing beats the good old techniques but there’s no harm in changing the pace once in a while, right? After all, it’s the sexy things that lead to sexy times. Lucky for you, Redditors on this thread shared their recommendations of activities and things that people can try in bed.

1. “My BF and I are enjoying fantasy play right now. I give him a “scene” or topic and he makes up a realistic fantasy and talks it out as we have sex. It’s super hot and a great way to experiment with the idea of anything.”

2. “Temperature play! Using ice cubes to rub on each other’s body or putting some in your mouth as you go down on someone is a ton of fun! Even some low temperature candle wax to be dripped on can be fun!”

– Zathren

3. “The sex swing. Those with strips for each other. The thing is really FUN!!!!”

– sanvrgk

4. “Eye contact orgasms.”

5. “I like to pretend that we don’t know each other at the bar. After awhile, he comes and tries to pick me up and eventually, we pay the tab and go hook up.”

6. “Definitely some form of bondage. It doesn’t have to be hardcore but some cuffs/straps and a blindfold is a great experience.”

7. “I once made a card/dice game that set out random sexual events and time limits, and spent hours playing the game with my wife. Fun times. We both won. 🙂 So, my suggestion is try adding some RNG to your sexytime.”

8. “Toys in the bedroom with your partner.”

9. “Extra foreplay and toys. Also cute outfits and switching things up like sneaking off to a hotel.”

10. “We just picked up a kama sutra workout book. It shows and explains what position will work what muscles and rates the flexibility for both partners. We are excited to experiment with this book and have a little fun while doing it.”

11. “Non-penetrative sessions with an emphasis on verbal play. Cuddling, grinding, eating out, and being as vocal as you can throughout. It’s a very particular experience that everyone should use to try and mix things up.”

12.  “(Obviously with consent) if you are penetrating a woman, press on her lower belly/pelvic region… it will help you give her a different sensation. Very underutilized way to give an orgasm.”

13. “Google erogenous zones and test them out with your partner. I’ve recently discovered that if my partner licks this spot between my lower stomach and hip it feels incredible. Honestly better than getting eaten out.”

14. “Mutual masturbation can be a lot of fun, especially if you and your partner have been together for awhile. It’s very erotic to watch and to be watched. We sometimes share fantasies or engage in some role playing while we’re side -by-side getting ourselves off.”

Take notes, y’all.