If you’ve got a toe-curling, sheet-clasping sexual fantasy then it’s time to unwrap your little secrets and turn them into reality before you turn thirty. Keep it dirty, keep it raw. Continue reading, we’ve got you!

1. Explore your back entry. 

You might want to give anal sex a chance if you have the right person and loads of lube. A huge turn on is the sensation of a finger (or tongue) moving around the concerned area. Try it in the shower if it pleases you.


2. Watch porn with your partner. 

The pleasure you attain watching porn in a locked room is heavenly, but here’s a plot twist: why not watch it with the one you want to try those things on? Give it a try, clothed or naked, your choice.


3. Arouse the Fifty Shades in you. 

Isn’t allowing your partner to have full access to your body while all you do is lie down in pleasure an incredible feeling?


4. Have a quickie. 

The ferocity of the rush is downright hot. On the stairwell of the hotel, in the parking lot or in the office elevator? Whenever you create the moment.


5. Rekindle the long distance romance: Try video call sex. 

Just because you’re away from your partner doesn’t imply that you have to stay away from pleasure. Hit FaceTime and ask your partner what they’d do to you if they were with you. When they ask you to touch yourself, do so. The connection becomes more intimate if you bond in distance. 

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6. Make your partner watch you masturbate. 

There’s nothing sexier watching your partner touch themselves. Watch each other. Learn. You might use your ‘learnings’ the next time you get busy with them under sheets… perhaps right ater, if you can’t resist.

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8. Have sex on the first date. 

It’s 2021. Sex is on the hit list. You’ve had a conversation all night and can’t really resist the urge anymore. There are high chances that there will be a second date if you both are left satisfied.


9. Have silent sex. 

You know your partner’s mates are in the next room and he’s pressing your right buttons. You want to scream in pleasure but instead hold your moans. Let your eyes scream while you make contact. It’s so frustrating that it turns out to be hot. 

10. Amp-up your foreplay with roleplay.  

POV: You had a long day at work and your partner is the sexy masseur who wants to work out the knots in your shoulder. Hot or not?


11. Don’t shy away from a sex resort. 

If you and your partner are interest in consensual non-monogamy, try heading to a sex resort and turn your wildest fantasies into reality.

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12. Go to a strip club… with your partner. 

Here’s a catch, though. It all depends on how solid your relationship is. Do you feel jealous of your partner when they stare at another woman? Or will you stir your inner Ramona from Hustlers and get on the pole?


13. Spice things up with Coital Alignment Technique.

If Sex/Life made you to write down, research, and repeat the three words Coital Alignment Technique, you should try it with your partner and take clitoral stimulation one step further.


14. Sex swings in a sex party? Hell yeah. 

Going to a sex party that offers sex swings and jello shots is a great way to spice things up a little.


14. Join the mile high club. 

Feel the urgency to make love with someone in an airplane? Take a chance. It will be quick, filthy, intense and everything else in between.

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15. Video tape while you make love. 

Film yourself while having sex with mutual consent of your partner of course. Keep it private until you’ve decided what you’ll do with the recording *wink*.

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16. Welcome sex toys in your bedroom. 

You may use anything from clit toys to bullets, internal toys, rabbits, wands, butt plugs, and more to make your bedroom game strong.


17. Go for ménage à trois.

Yes, threesomes are a huge thing, so read some threesome stories before jumping in, and make sure you and your partner agree on some ground rules. 

18. Make love in a risky place. 

The ultimate risk of being caught may sometimes add to the thrill, becoming major turn on.

19. Give food play a shot!

Bringing chocolate or whipped cream into the bedroom can boost your arousal sex or foreplay, you name it!


Life’s too short to regret on not doing these when you could have!