Being in love with someone is a wonderful emotion, but what if it’s fake? Yup, there are chances that your partner is not really into you and just faking the whole relationship. 

It’s a discomforting thought and baffles your world around. Nonetheless, we have listed some spot-on signs that are a clear indication that it is a fake relationship. Read on.  

1. “When they try to romanticise red flags: Yesterday I saw a TikTok of a girl calling her boyfriend “cute” for destroying all of her shorts because he didn’t want her to wear them. Terrifying.”


2. “They seem happy and perky instead of content and calm. Simple questions like “How’s it going on” will receive elaborate answers trying to convince instead of simple answers.”


3. “Couples who are obsessed and constantly talking about their exes while in relationships. You do not have to act like your ex did not exist, but if you are always bringing up how you are doing so much better now and trash-talking them all the time, you are obsessed and are not focusing on the person in front of you.”


4. “Might be niche but in my experience with my friends, it’s always when they go over the top with when their partner does barely the bare minimum. Like I’m not talking about appreciating the little things but I have a lot of friends whose partners will act like complete awful boyfriends who make them cry all day and then do one little thing like buy them $5 flowers or say one little sweet thing and all the sudden it’s “my boyfriend treats me SO well he cares for me SO much” and they’ll use those as justifications.”


5. “Talking shit about other couples. I had a friend (not friends anymore) who did this. Everything she picked on other couples for, she and her boyfriend were also going through. Cheating. Lying. Living in their parent’s basement. Etc. I think they felt better about their relationship when they were able to find couples whose problems were “worse” than theirs were.”


6. “When they neglect a social life, both individually and as a couple, to always be with/focused on each other. Often couched as “we love each other so much and we’re so good for each other and we don’t really need anyone else”. That’s not how humans work.”


7. “In social media, they post excessively sappy love letters. In-person, they spend most of their time complaining about their partner while awkwardly laughing, like it’s an inside joke of some kind. That little laugh is a gigantic cry for help.”


8. “Feeling the need to “convince” people that their relationship is healthy. Y’know like couples with some questionable or weird-ass dynamic who claim that they don’t give a fuck about what people think but be posting about the same thing every 5 minutes. It sounds like they themselves aren’t even convinced.”


9. “When they act like everything is perfect and over the top, all the time. I am not saying that you have to see people fight, but treating each other normal…is normal.”


10. “When they judge you for not being in one or mention the importance of an “intact family” and “happy marriage” in every second sentence that comes out of their mouth. If you are truly happy with something you don’t judge other people for doing things differently.”


11. “I knew a girl who was in a toxic relationship (they couldn’t talk without fighting). She told me something along the lines of “men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them” and continued trying to get reassurance from me that this is in fact true. As if I should feel the same towards my husband. No, you’re not supposed to feel like you can’t live with them.”


12. “Telling everyone they never argue/fight. I call bullshit. You live with someone for any length of time there are going to be conflicts unless one partner is always giving in to the other to keep the peace.”


13. “They: • Don’t seem to fight at all. • Seems to agree on everything. • Share lots of pictures together or intimate information. • Give advice to everyone even when no one asks. • Put themselves as examples of perfection. • Tend to shame people that can’t find a partner.”


14. “How they talk about their partner when he/she is not there, as well as their body language when they’re around each other.”


Nonetheless, it’s best to end a relationship than fake it. 

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