We all have had a friend who either kept talking about their ex or kept stalking them. Even though they ‘claim’ that they are totally over them, they clearly aren’t. And today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed the signs that someone isn’t over their ex. Interesting, right? Let’s go!


1. “Constantly talking about how much they hate their ex.”

– pbd1996

2. “Keeps bringing them up in every conversation.”

– msstark

3. “Sleeping with them.”

– _ANDREA_06

4. “They keep tabs and know all of their business.”

– gagirlpnw

5. “Always thinking about them, still feeling connected to them.”

– mlle_keri

6. “They are slow to move their other relationships forward.”

– gagirlpnw

7. “They always compare you to their ex.”

– SigourneyReaver

8. “They keep talking about how their ex wronged them. Once is understandable. Frequently mentioning it is a problem.”

– gagirlpnw

9. “They keep their things around like their hairbrush is still right in the same spot in the bathroom. That’s pretty questionable.”

– Vikingtender

10. “Everything leads them to a story about them (good or bad).”

– P_Heachy

11. “Trying to play the victim.”

– TaiaHunter

12. “Not dating anyone else.”

– Maleficent-Jelly2287

13. “They keep a lot of pictures and mementoes from their time together as a couple.”

– makeshiftmarty

14. “Cries over them when they’re drunk, looks at their house if they ever drive by, brings them up randomly, isn’t truthful about their past with them, keeps in contact with them and saying the only reason they contact or keep on social media’s is to ‘stay civil’. Lying about being in contact with them.”

– Ashamed_Track_3222

These signs prove that at least I’m totally over my shitty ex!