Has the ‘honeymoon’ phase of your relationship fizzled out? Rather than spending quality time with each other, do you end up arguing with one another? If yes, then you might want to re-think about your relationship. So, here are 10 signs that mean your relationship is probably doomed:

1. You are constantly looking for reasons to blame your partner or fight with them. 


2. You try to change your partner according to your needs and desires.


3. Intellectual intimacy is NOT something that you and your partner indulge in. 


4. Constantly disrespecting and abusing each other is something you both do often.


5. You often think on the lines of- me, myself and I.


6. Acting fake around your partner comes easily to you than being the ‘real’ you. 


7. Putting efforts for doing things together or for each other just seems like a task now. 


8. When arguments turn to fights and they keep stacking up because they remain unsolved.


9. You are way happier when you are not around your partner. 


10. You end up feeling that you are sacrificing way more to please your partner. 


Remember, a healthy relationship can bring out the best in both of you!