Be it spicing up a long distance relationship or setting the right ‘mood’ for your next date, sexting helps. It really does. Only until you don’t send across a dirty text describing your ‘pretty hard’ boner to your girl friend’s mum..

Thanks to ‘unsend’ and ‘delete for all’ features that erase your embarrassment but these folks on Reddit discussing their ‘sexting gone wrong’ stories would give you more jump scares than a goddamn horror film.

1. “I’ve accidentally sexted my boss. This was in the 90’s when phones were simpler, and my girlfriend’s first name was spelt with the same first 4 letters as my Boss’ surname. It was an accident waiting to happen.

So I sent a text something along the lines of ‘I am going to come home tonight and ruin you for other men!’ My Boss starts chuckling, which sort of made me relax, but then he starts passing the phone around!”

2. “Accidentally sent my step sister my morning wood. She sent me back the tongue out emoji. What do I do?”

3. “Texted ‘When I get home I’m going to throw you down and fuck the daylights out of you.’ My auto mechanic sent back ‘Oh no you won’t…’

4. “Drunkenly sent my boyfriend some nudes and told him to come fuck me. Except it wasn’t my boyfriend, it was my dad. Didn’t know until I woke up to a message from him saying – We need to talk.”

5. “I got a dick pic from my husband while I was sitting right next to his mom. She saw. I knew she saw. It was awkward.”

6. “A very attractive friend sent me a pic of her enjoying a new toy, that was supposed to be for her husband who was away for work”

7. “This one kid at my high school meant to send a dick pic to his girlfriend but accidentally posted it to his snapchat story and went to sleep. He was a popular kid too so in the morning walking the hall he asked his friend ‘why is everyone smiling’ everyone replies: ‘check your snapchat’ he freaked out and everyone laughed.”

– MeGhosta1 

8. “I’ve accidentally sent pornographic images/gifs to my female study partner instead of my girlfriend.”

9. “I accidentally sexted my neighbour’s 50 year old son. His name is the same as my boyfriend’s name save one letter and I accidentally pressed his name in the contact list.”

10. “Meant to sent a text to the co-worker got the bubbles backwards and sent this to my friend. ‘How long you gonna make me wait, I want to pin that little white ass to your bed and make you scream.’  Few minutes later I get a picture from my friend of her cat on a pillow asking if this pussy would work.”

11. “I was downloading some shots from the previous night’s adventures, clearing them off the camera ready to store them in the ‘safe’ location. Half way through doing this we had a visitor, a female friend, and settled down for a coffee and a chat. After a while the screen-saver activated, which was a photo slideshow. And the pictures were still in the ‘general photos’ section…”

12. “Let’s just say its a really bad practice to be sexting with your bf/gf while also arguing with your ex in another thread. If you aren’t careful which thread you’re in, you could piss off and confuse a lot of people fast.”

From now on, check twice as you hit that send button!