How did you meet your significant other? Have you known them all through your life, went to school or college together, met through some common friends or maybe through some dating apps? Rather common ways of meeting a potential partner, but not these people. These people share some of the strangest ways they met their partner which will either make you feel like, “that can’t be true” or make you scream, “turn that into a movie”. 

1. In school, I drew a lot and would often draw randomly made-up people. Once, I doodled a pretty girl and the girl sitting next to me asked who she was. I told her she wasn’t a specific person but she thought I was just too shy to say and kept pressing, as well as getting all of the other girls in our class involved. And one of them said she knew her. Some girl who went to a nearby school. So they asked me if that’s who it was and if I’d like them to get her to come to meet up with me. I said fuck it, yeah. We met up that weekend and ended up going out for a few months. So, I basically drew a girlfriend into existence.

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2. Met a girl while exploring a creepy abandoned insane asylum at 3 am. We were both there with separate groups, neither group was aware of the other group’s presence but we kept hearing one another moving around and scared half out of our minds because we each assumed the other was crazed hobos or criminals using the place as a hideout or something. Anyway our groups kept getting closer and closer to one another while trying to figure out how to get out. I turned a corner, saw a face, and nearly brained this poor girl with the baseball bat I was carrying before I realized it was just a bunch of scared college kids same as us. We had a good laugh about it, me and the girl hit it off, and ended up dating for a couple of years.

3. My girlfriend and I moved in together after high school. She ended up working at a dental office as a dental assistant. There was a husband and wife that worked there, both of them dentists, who are from NY (we are in MA). The dentist’s wife would often go back with the kids to visit family and he would stay behind. My girlfriend would often invite him out with us because she felt bad. It started getting weird and when I approached her about it she would get defensive and justify the whole situation. While I had no definitive proof I knew something was going on. The relationship ended up breaking down and we split. I tried to warn the wife before going to boot camp but was unsuccessful in speaking with her. After boot camp I needed some dental work fixed and she offered to do the work. What she really wanted was to see if I knew anything. Apparently, my ex played the role of a newly single girl with no place to go. The wife felt bad and offered her a room in their home. She started catching on when the husband would come home, not even address their son or 1-year-old daughter, and go straight to hanging out with my ex. Eventually, the wife kicked her out against the husband’s wishes. He eventually moved out as well. Over the whole trauma, the soon-to-be ex-wife and I bonded. She was a single mom of two kids. Didn’t know how to fix a faucet or hang shelves in the closet so I would help her out here and there. Well…we have been together 20 years now, married for almost 15 of those years and have a 10-year-old daughter. Our ex’s stayed together maybe for one year and it fizzled out.

4. I got kidnapped (by friends), wrapped in a gift box, and given to someone I didn’t know as a Christmas present.

5. I was at a college party and it sucked, it was right around the time of Jerry Maguire, and I thought it’d be funny to yell ‘This party sucks, I’m going home to drink Vodka and all I want to know is who’s coming with me?!’ then I stormed out, because I didn’t know anyone at the party, or have any reason at all to expect someone to come with me. Once I was out of the building, on the sidewalk, I noticed a girl following behind me. We dated for 4 years.

6. A group project in college. We bonded over the mutual hate of our other group mate that did nothing.

7. Sat next to him on a 17-hour flight. Didn’t see him or hear from him for three months after that. Met again by chance, started hanging out, and one thing lead to another. Been together six years and got married last November.


8. Met my Significant Other anonymously through Craigs List casual encounters. After emailing for 3 months, we found out that we’d known each other IRL for ~8 years.

It’s one long, wild story, which you can read here

9. I was going to see Midsummer Night’s Dream at this theatre that offered half-price tickets if you showed up an hour early. While I was choosing a seat, a very pretty man came out of this other building and walked past the line. He stopped next to me and pointed out a row and seat number and said that that was the best seat in the house. I was like, cool, bought the seat, and he left. An hour later the show starts, and he’s Puck. There’s one scene where he made his entrance from the back of the theatre, and he walked down the staircase and stopped right next to me, and started talking at me in his monologue. He put me right where he was supposed to deliver the speech. Dude picked me up Shakespearean style.

Those are some really crazy ways, not gonna lie. Did you also meet your partner in some strange way? Let us know in the comments below.

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